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PHC's Campus Life

If you are researching Patrick Henry College as a prospective student, want to get to know the campus as an incoming freshman, or are planning a trip to campus, look no further! We want you to get the know the campus as much as possible before you come. Read on to learn how to navigate PHC’s campus in Purcellville, Virginia!


An Overview

When you first enter campus, you'll see two academic buildings: the Barbara Hodel Center (BHC) to your right and Founder’s Hall to your left. Directly in front of you are the dorms.

The BHC, Founder’s Hall, and the first dorm, Red Hill, all face the Farris Wheel, a circular grass area fondly named after PHC’s founder and Chancellor Emeritus, Dr. Michael Farris. Many student traditions take place here, including Walk and Talks and “Bobtisms.” Behind Founder’s Hall, you will find PHC’s soccer and baseball fields, home to the Sentinels’ soccer teams and the Baseball Club.


The Barbara Hodel Center

The Barbara Hodel Center (BHC) is where you'll find the dining hall, gymnasium, fitness center, and the PHC Bookstore. You will also find the Admissions Department, academic facilities, music practice rooms, art studio, meeting rooms, and the chapel/prayer room here.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the student body gathers in the gymnasium for corporate chapel. Students also use the gym as a meeting space for clubs, including the Shall We Dance Society. Additionally, there are several classrooms on the third floor, five music practice rooms on the main level, and labs for Journalism and Music, and a recording studio in the basement.

This building was dedicated to Barbara S. Hodel, a long-term member of PHC’s Board of Trustees. Learn about her life here!


Founder's Hall

Founders is home to more classrooms, the library (learn how to take advantage of it here!), other PHC departments, and the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Behind the building, you’ll find several picnic tables that students love to use when studying outside.


The Dorms

Male students reside in Oak Hill and Red Hill (commonly called D4 and D5), while female students live in Mount Vernon, Monticello, and Montpellier (D1, D2, and D3, respectively). Red Hill is the only dorm to offer a traditional style living space. The other dorms feature suite style living. Mount Vernon is also home to Town Hall, an assembly room used for small events. Fun fact: prior to the exponential student body growth after 2020, corporate chapel was held here (learn more about each dorm here). 

Lake Bob is located behind the dorms, and many students sit in Adirondack chairs to read or chat in the late afternoons.


The Outside

On campus, students enjoy walking around Lake Bob, sitting in the grass behind the dorms, or reading in the small gazebo. There is even a swinging bench! Click here to learn about other places the students like to socialize.

PHC's campus is also very close to several coffee shops, grocery stores, fast-food chains, and regular restaurants for all your dining, caffeine, or study-spot needs! For the runners, bikers, and walkers, the WO&D trail is very close to campus. Here is a list of other activities you can do in Northern Virginia!

Whether you are an incoming or a prospective student, we hope you come on campus for a visit soon!


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