Dr. Michael Farris honors Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Posted by Trinity Klomparens on 2/2/24 9:23 AM

Chancellor Emeritus of Patrick Henry College, Dr. Michael P. Farris, Read More

Good Tidings of Great Joy: a meditation by Michael Farris

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 1/3/24 8:52 AM

Christmas day has passed. Are you filled with joy, or like so many, do you instead sense that you're not exactly ... Read More

Defending July 4th: 10 reasons why America is truly a great nation—the greatest in the history of mankind.

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 7/26/23 10:17 AM

(I wrote this in 2021. It’s still true.)

This is the 245th celebration of our independence. It is the first in which I have felt compelled to defend the fact ... Read More

We Are $30 Trillion In Debt Because We Don’t Follow The Constitution

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 5/12/22 12:14 PM

Our government could never have gone this deeply in debt if we would have just followed one provision in the Constitution according to its original meaning.

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Vanishing Freedom

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 3/24/22 10:46 AM

Freedom is really pretty simple. If you get to make your own decision about an issue, that is freedom. If the government makes the decision for you, curtails your choices, or imposes penalties on ... Read More

The Miraculous Compassion of God

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 2/4/22 11:45 AM

Earlier this week, I was inspired by my pastor to talk about God’s forgiveness with respect to abortion.

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The Worldwide Drive Toward Totalitarianism

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 7/26/21 1:44 PM

This week we had a meeting of the Advisory Committee of Alliance Defending Freedom International. We received detailed reports of suppression of both freedom of religion ... Read More

2021: Pray, Be Encouraged, Ready Yourself, Be Winsome

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 1/26/21 9:12 AM

We have entered an extremely consequential season in the history of our country. I would like to encourage you to do three things as you navigate this season.

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Coronavirus and Constitutional Law

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 3/25/20 11:25 AM

While there are significant difficulties with stopping the government from enforcing health quarantines and closures in the short run, that’s not the final word.

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The Pro-Life Assumptions Behind Coronavirus Strategies

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 3/17/20 11:21 AM

The fundamental reason nearly every nation is taking drastic steps to curtail the advance of the coronavirus is the belief that all life is precious. Think of how deeply contrary this is to ... Read More