The Worldwide Drive Toward Totalitarianism

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 7/26/21 1:44 PM

This week we had a meeting of the Advisory Committee of Alliance Defending Freedom International. We received detailed reports of ... Read More

2021: Pray, Be Encouraged, Ready Yourself, Be Winsome

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 1/26/21 9:12 AM

We have entered an extremely consequential season in the history of our country. I would like to encourage you to do three things as you ... Read More

Coronavirus and Constitutional Law

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 3/25/20 11:25 AM

While there are significant difficulties with stopping the government from enforcing health quarantines and closures in the short run, that’s not the final ... Read More

The Pro-Life Assumptions Behind Coronavirus Strategies

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 3/17/20 11:21 AM

The fundamental reason nearly every nation is taking drastic steps to curtail the advance of the coronavirus is the belief that all life is precious. Think of how ... Read More

NPR's Terry Gross Interviews Dr. Farris

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 5/29/18 11:07 AM

Mike Farris discusses Patrick Henry College's development, internships at the White House, and the role of PHC in education in Read More

Fake News and Moral Absolutes

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 6/30/17 10:26 AM

The Washington Post recently published an extremely interesting opinion piece which seeks to understand the widespread public loss of trust in major institutions ... Read More

Are We Electing a Monarch?

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 11/1/16 12:09 PM

The presidential election is scary. The “fright factor” of 2016 (theme: The Other Candidate is Far Worse) does not arise merely from the two seriously flawed ... Read More

What’s Missing from Our Message?

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 7/2/16 12:17 PM


A successful message will contain the truth delivered in a winsome manner. Much of PHC’s approach to education has been built on this premise. If ... Read More

Dignity and Honor

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 6/24/16 6:02 PM

My father was named Conward Farris. My grandmother wanted to name him Conrad but didn't know how to spell it. All of us preferred the way it ended up.
  ... Read More

You're invited!

Posted by Dr. Michael P. Farris on 4/20/16 1:02 PM

Could you give a definition of Article V? You'll be able to after joining this free event Read More