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Overview of Minors

Minors are secondary academic studies consisting of 15-21 credit hours from a single discipline. A maximum of 6 credits that fulfill a major requirement may be also applied to the minor course of study provided that a minimum of 12 credits are unique to the minor. Students are not required to minor, may choose only one minor, and may not minor in the discipline of their major. Once declared, minors must be completed or withdrawn prior to graduation. Minors cannot be added once a degree is conferred. The minimum satisfactory grade for a minor course is C-. Students must take at least 60% of the credits applicable to a minor at Patrick Henry College.

Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies minor is designed for students who may be called to serve in full-time ministry or a service area, such as para-church organizations (educational, missions, or non-profit). Students who are called to law, government, or commerce may benefit with a minor in Biblical Studies by removing the sacred/secular distinctions in the church and culture, learning how to be salt and light in their vocations, and learning to lead as parents, citizens, and followers of Christ.

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Students emerge from the Classics minor thoroughly trained in Greek, Latin, and Greek and Roman history, art, and literature. The Classics minor prepares students for graduate school in Classics, or simply to possess a traditional classical education that has dominated western civilization for thousands of years.

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The History minor offers students the opportunity to enrich their education with the discipline of history.  Students emerge from the History minor thoroughly trained in research methods, historiography, and the histories of a variety of eras and locales.  They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, art history, classics, music, philosophy, and political theory.

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journalism Patrick Henry College (PHC)


The Journalism minor prepares students of any major to write for news and other non-fiction publications. Students will develop basic writing and reporting skills and be introduced to key concepts that will help them develop a biblically-based understanding of journalism. The minor also prepares students to work in related fields such as communications and public relations.

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The Literature minor offers students the opportunity to enrich their education with the discipline of literature. Students emerge from the Literature Minor trained in literature from a variety of perspectives: historical, philosophical, and artistic. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, theology, classics, and communication.

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The Music minor offers specialized instruction and experience in music, reinforcing and building on the solid foundation of the liberal arts core. The courses in the Music Minor offer experience in Music Theory, Aural Skills, Conducting, Music Pedagogy, and Art and Worship in the Church. With this foundation, students may also participate in instrumental or vocal ensembles and will study applied music to complete their degree requirements.

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Students in the Philosophy minor take four foundational philosophy courses: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics. Students emerge with a foundational understanding of both historical and contemporary philosophy. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts such as philosophy, law, writing, and public policy.

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