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Application Deadlines

The Office of Admission processes applications as they are received, accepting qualified applicants as space permits.

November 1, 2020

          Last day to save $50 when you submit your application for the Fall 2021 term.

          Last day to submit your application for admission to receive Priority Scholarship Consideration.

December 1, 2020          

          Last day to submit your application for the Spring 2021 term.

July 15, 2021

          Last day to submit your application for the Fall 2021 term.

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To be considered for scholarships and financial aid offered by PHC, a prospective student must fully complete their admissions application.

Note: If you prefer to fill out a paper application instead of an online application, click here to download the paper application.

Print your Application Checklist here!

PHC Application Checklist Updated August 2020-1

Application Notes


Please provide transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended. Transcripts need to be sent directly from a school administrator* to PHC after the start of the applicant's senior year, and should include the applicant's name, grades, cumulative GPA, courses completed and in-progress, and the ink signature of a school administrator. Mail to: Office of Admissions, 10 Patrick Henry Circle, Purcellville, VA 20132; Email to: admissions@phc.edu.

The College requires that a minimum of 18 high school level courses be completed. The following courses should be completed prior to admission to Patrick Henry College:

    • English: Minimum of four courses. Examples: Grammar, Literature, Composition, Speech, or Debate.
    • Mathematics: Minimum of three college preparatory courses, which must include: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. 
    • Science: Minimum of two different college preparatory courses (preference is three).
    • History: Minimum of two courses, which must include at least one comprehensive course in U. S. history and one comprehensive course in world history.
    • Government: Minimum of one course, which should cover material on local, state, and federal government.
    • Foreign Language: Minimum of one course (two is preferred).
    • Electives: Minimum of five courses.

Final High School Transcript: After all high school work is complete and prior to enrollment, PHC must receive the student’s final, unopened, official high school transcript containing the date (month, day, and year) of graduation, all final grades, cumulative GPA, and ink signature of the school administrator.  Mail to: Office of Admissions, 10 Patrick Henry Circle, Purcellville, VA 20132; Email to: admissions@phc.edu.

*Note to Homeschool Applicants: Homeschool students may submit a transcript of high school coursework that has been produced by their parents. It should list subjects studied, and PHC prefers that the transcript also list a grade for each course. If grades are not assigned, please provide a narrative transcript. For narrative transcripts, please include a description of subjects studied and an evaluation of the quality of work. To thoroughly evaluate an applicant, the College needs to know the depth of study our applicants possess in various subjects.

In order to be considered official, homeschool transcripts must be hand-signed in ink by the parent, acting as the school administrator, and submitted in a sealed envelope.

Official College Transcript(s)If an applicant is enrolled in or has taken college-level courses at another educational institution(s), the applicant must request the institution(s) send an official transcript to the Office of Admission. If courses are in progress, please have the college submit an in-progress transcript.

Standardized Test Scores

Applicants are required to submit scores from the SAT or ACT. Test results should be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the testing agency. PHC’s institutional code numbers are 2804 for the SAT and 4383 for the ACT.  A Classical Learning Test (CLT) score helps to support an official SAT or ACT score; however, the Application Review Committee will not make an acceptance decision on the CLT alone.

Admission Essays

Academic: Proficient written communication is necessary for success at PHC. An applicant must submit an essay that is 4+ pages in length, double-spaced, that demonstrates strong reasoning and analytical skills. The Application Review Committee recommends that an applicant submit an essay previously written for a class in either high school or college. 

Faith: PHC is, and shall always remain, a Christian institution dedicated to bringing honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all of its activities. To that end, the Faith Essay provides an opportunity for an applicant to share their testimony of faith in Christ. In 1–2 pages, please respond with your personal reflections on the following prompt:

How did you come to know the Lord? How has He transformed your life (relationship with others, habits, etc.)? How has your faith informed your thoughts and actions?  

Optional Materials

Some applicants may choose to include additional items (pastoral references, academic references, resumé, activities list, or reading list) in order to demonstrate a complete picture of their readiness for PHC. 

Admission Interview

Once all application materials have been submitted, the applicant's Admissions Counselor will set up an interview to finalize admission. Interviews are conducted over the phone, via video chat, or in-person. While an interview is required, it does not guarantee admission to PHC.

You can connect with an Admissions Counselor HERE, by calling us at 540.441.8110, or by email to admissions@phc.edu.

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