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Forensics at Patrick Henry College


Debate takes students' communication abilities beyond paper-writing and exams.

Competitive debate motivates students to exceed the bare minimum of knowledge, and builds the ability to articulate and defend a position against repeated attacks. As a result, many debaters seek beyond knowledge, to application.

Thus, debate educates alongside the classroom, engaging students in a deeper understanding of taught concepts.

Every class, from logic and rhetoric to constitutional law, literature, and foreign policy, finds a use in our team’s speeches and arguments.

Because of its rigorous and effective approach to education, forensics at PHC are not extra-curricular but co-curricular, a fully-recognized and vital element of PHC Academics.


Pre-Law Advising | Best in the Nation

By training leaders to communicate effectively, Christian students will be equipped to excel in their sphere of influence because they carry the truth for glory of God. 

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