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What Makes Patrick Henry College Different?

Patrick Henry College exists to glorify God by challenging the unacceptable status quo in higher education, lifting high both faith and reason within a rigorous academic environment; thereby preserving for posterity the ideals behind the "noble experiment in ordered liberty" that is the foundation of America.

Influencing The World Through Christ


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Patrick Henry College believes that God is the source of all truth, be it spiritual, moral, philosophical, or scientific. For this reason, we seek to educate students in God's truth throughout the entire curriculum. Christian faith and genuine learning cannot be separated; neither is our Christian faith a mere addendum to the liberal learning process. Instead, our Christian faith precedes and informs all that we at Patrick Henry College study, teach, and learn.


Statement of Faith

Statement of Biblical Worldview

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The Three Distinctives

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Classical Education

At Patrick Henry College, students receive a broad-based baccalaureate education that stresses content, the imitation of excellence, the pursuit of knowledge, and the exercise of the whole range of talents that God has given, in the light of the truth that He has revealed in the inerrant Bible.


PHC Core Curriculum


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Partners of Patrick Henry College

We are proud to partner with a variety of Christian organizations. You can explore the full list here.

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