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Student Life

What our students love most about living at PHC!

“PHC’s community is truly a home away from home. The love, care, and laughter that these students bring to my life is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. Friends, acquaintances, and professors alike have supported me through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. They have blessed me and pointed me to what truly matters. I can confidently say that PHC has cultivated my mind, transformed my heart, and rejuvenated my faith.”

- Sarah Jacob, Strategic Intelligence in National Security, Class of 2018

“Patrick Henry College explodes with enthusiasm for developing the mind and soul together. The faculty, students, and experience are truly extraordinary. I would encourage any friend of mine who wants more than a useless, paper-thin diploma to make Patrick Henry College their home, because here I have struck gold with a deep, meaningful, as well as practical education.”

- Andrew Kelly, Economics & Business Analytics, Class of 2017

“Patrick Henry College offers students a unique blend of challenge and care in the environment it fosters: challenge in rigorous academic standards and high expectations for Christian living, yet care from professors who invest sincerely and a community of people continually pointing each other back to the love of Christ. I love this place because it has helped me grow equally in both ways, ultimately preparing me to engage whatever world I find myself in with Christlike love.”

- Abby Davis, Classic Liberal Arts, Class of 2017

“I couldn’t ask for a better social and academic environment than Patrick Henry College. PHC has inspired me to change, grow, and pursue my passions in a supportive setting. My professors invest in me personally and guide me in my studies towards a greater understanding of the good life, lived for the glory of God. My friends support me and provide encouragement and love through all of the challenges college brings. I’m proud to be a part of such an incredible community.”

- Philip Bunn, Government – Political Theory, Class of 2017

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Student Handbook

Every student at Patrick Henry College commits to living according to the community standards. Those standards are upheld in the Student Handbook.

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World Class Debate Team

Debate at PHC presents students with great opportunities for personal growth. Students not only learn invaluable lessons, but are stretched to apply those lessons in a secular and political context - often the very context that students will enter after graduation.

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If you’re not sure which major will suit you best, you need academic counseling, or assistance with course planning, speak with a counselor.

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