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Office of Student Life

Patrick Henry College focuses on both academic excellence and spiritual growth,

emphasizing both the life of the mind and the life of the Christian faith.

Office of Student Life



Sandra K. Corbitt

Dean of Student Affairs

As the Dean of Students, Sandra Corbitt is Patrick Henry College's representative in non-academic, student life matters. She works with students, parents, faculty, administration, staff, and the community to ensure that the whole of each student's collegiate experience is successful and fulfilling. The Dean of Students is responsible for advising students on non-academic policy and procedure. Dean Corbitt oversees the work of the Offices of Student Life and Residence Life.

Sandra Corbitt is a graduate of Ohio State University. She served for 19 years with Campus Crusade for Christ in a variety of positions and locations. Before coming to Patrick Henry College, she served for 3 years with The Christian Union in Princeton, New Jersey. She lives in Ashburn, Virginia.




Jeff Thornhill

Director of Internship Programs
Director of Apprenticeship Programs
Associate Dean of Students

As the Associate Dean for Men, Jeff Thornhill supports the Dean of Students in non-academic, student life matters. Dean Thornhill’s particular interest is integrating Christian faith and its application into every area of life.

Jeff Thornhill comes to Patrick Henry College from Prison Fellowship Ministries, where he was the director of campus ministries. During that time he studied the Christian worldview in Chuck Colson’s centurion program in order to integrate this teaching into campus ministry curriculum. Previous to that he served 23 years with Campus Crusade for Christ as a Northeast regional director, instructor at the Howard Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership, and in several other positions in the Middle East and the U.S. He received his B.S. in Communication from the University of Utah. He and his wife, Vickie, live in Ashburn, VA and have one grown daughter.



Patrick Henry College Resident Director for Men David Kahoun

David Kahoun

Resident Director for Men

As the Resident Director for Men, David works with the Deans, Resident Assistants, and students to help students thrive in non-academic matters. He has been blessed by the work of previous RDs and hopes to edify current and future students.

He is interested in local church ministry and working with young men as they transition to manhood. He’s passionate about getting young adults to own their faith, and have their own authentic, personal relationship with Jesus.

David was raised near Cleveland, Ohio. He is a life-long, dedicated Browns and Cavs fan. He loves sports! David attended Malone University (Class of ’15), where he majored in Youth Ministry and was a Resident Assistant for 3 years. After graduating, David was the Leader of Student Ministry at Heartland Church in Lexington, OH. Outside of sports, David loves the outdoors, food, and game nights. David is excited to be here at PHC and to create more memories and help students grow closer to Christ and each other.



Patrick Henry College Resident Director for Women Kiara Colgan

Kiara Colgan

Resident Director for Women

Kiara Colgan is from Gilbert, Arizona. She graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix in April 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in addiction. She has been an RA for three years both in dorms and on campus apartments at GCU. She has had experience with both freshman and upperclassman students in this role.

Kiara hopes to use this degree to serve others by working in student development and higher education. Her experience while a student at GCU included  serving as an intern on the U.S. Senate campaign of Martha McSally, and creating an internship program for Generation Justice. She also worked with attorneys in foster care policy reform. These experiences grew her faith in Christ and expanded her knowledge of and interest in conservative policies.

Kiara comes from a family of 13, including several foster children who eventually became her adopted siblings. She worked for three summers in camp ministry at Sky Ranch Christian Camps, in both Colorado and Oklahoma. At Sky Ranch, Kiara served in different capacitiesincluding as a family camp counselor, as well as in operations.

Kiara loves playing ultimate Frisbee, hammocking, swimming, traveling, and biking. What excites her about Patrick Henry College is the love for the Lord that fills the campus, unique majors and programs, and dozens of opportunities that get students involved in politics and law. She is delighted to use her experience to work with the wonderful student body and staff at PHC!

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