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Residence Life Team


At Patrick Henry College, part of living well during the college experience means having the leadership in place to make sure your student's needs are met. Down below are the resident assistants (RAs) of each dorm. These students, handpicked by the office of student life, are here to look after their respective students under their care. They are here to act as the touchpoint between the student life and the administration and provide care, guidance, advice, and spiritual leadership in their dormitories.

Red Hill RA Team

Red Hill

The largest of the five dorms, Red Hill, also known as D5, is named after the house of Patrick Henry and consists of seven wings. This is a dorm known for its community, energy, competitiveness, and love of learning.

2021-2022 leadership:

Nathaniel Reiley
David Sosebee
Isaac Winnes
Cole Reynolds
Noah Johnson
Tyler Dunning
Josiah Ssempa

Mount Vernon RA Team

Mount Vernon

Named after the famous house of George Washington, Mount Vernon, also known as D1, is a girl's dorm with a youthful and energetic personality. The girls that reside here bring a lot to Patrick Henry College's community. 

2021-2022 leadership:

GraceAnna Schmidt
Kali Jerrard
Mary Muncy
Gentry Shannon

Monticello's RA Team


Monticello is named after Thomas Jefferson's famous residence in the countryside of Virginia. The historical founding father drew a balance between playing a role in government and having a soft spot for the country. Only a 45-minute drive from Washington, D.C., Monticello and its residents share a love of a similar balance Monticello is known for its culture of gentle but industrious residents. 

2021-2022 leadership:

Charity Kim
Rachel McCracken
Kati Marr
Anna Allen

Montpelier RA Team


Named after the house of James Madison, a founding father and the 4th President of the United States, Montpelier, also known as D3, is the third girl's dorm at PHC. It's known for being a peaceful dorm for creative and lively young women. 

2021-2022 leadership:

Bethany Loos
Elizabeth Borders
Beth Whitehead
Abigail Wilson

Oak Hill RA Team

Oak Hill

Oak hill is one of the two men's dorms that we have on PHC's campus and is named after the house of James Monroe, the 5th president of the United States. Located at the back of campus, this dorn is known for being a quiet, community-centered dorm with a lively culture. The men that live in this dorm are known for their loyalty and dedication.

2021-2022 leadership:

Sam Rule
Josiah Dalke
Ethan Snider
Benjamin Rider

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