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Residence Life Team

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Daniel Thetford

Home State: Charlotte, North Carolina
Fun Fact: I play the electric guitar.


Andrew Shepherd

Home State: Indiana
Fun Fact: I shoot free throws better in the dark.


David Poythress

Home State: Birmingham, Alabama
Fun Fact: I was on the precision rifle drill team at Marion Military Institute.

Mark Van Matre

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: I'm only mostly caffeine dependent. There's a big difference between mostly and all.

Manus Churchill

Hometown: Frisco, Texas
Fun Fact: I randomly promised myself when I was six that I would never drink hot chocolate again, so I haven’t.  It’s been 17 years, and the prohibition includes chocolate milk but not milkshakes. (sensibly enough)

William Bock

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Fun Fact: I've broken my arm 5 times and debated a full round with 10% of my lung collapsed.


Ian Schmidt

Home State: Loganville, Georgia
Fun Fact: I enjoy shark fishing.


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Harvest Prude

Hometown: Paducah, Kentucky
Fun Fact: When I was little I made up a written symbolic language and wrote stories in it.

Olivia (Liv) Bowers

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois
Fun Fact: If I wasn't going to college, I'd want to be a sheep herder in New Zealand.

Victoria Cook

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Fun Fact: I recently hiked St. Mary's Falls in Colorado Springs at 1535ft elevation.

Meredith Monroe

Hometown: Turlock, California
Fun Fact: In another life I would be an astrophysicistonce.


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Marina Moreira

Hometown: Macon, Georgia 
Fun Fact: When I first started driving, I filled my gas tank with diesel by mistake.  All my dad told me was to use the pump that was all the way on the lefthand side.

Alana Varley

Home State: Concord, New Hampshire
Fun Fact: I have a baby brother who is only a year old.

Rose Perkins

Hometown: Winchester, Virginia
Fun Fact: I danced for fourteen years, and taught ballet and different kinds of folk dance throughout high school.

Brenna Bakke

Hometown: Forest Grove, Oregon
Fun Fact: I once wore a Clifford the Big Red Dog costume and sat on a float in my town's Heritage Day parade.


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Julia Tomaszewski

Hometown: Columbia City, Indiana
Fun Fact: Though I'm technically right-handed I trained myself to be mostly ambidextrous (my 10 year-old self thought it wise to prepare in case anything ever happened to my right hand).


Leah Bolzman

Hometown: Millington, Michigan 
Fun Fact: I have been known to hold intensive, in-depth conversations with betta fish.


Sarah Geesaman

Hometown: Culpeper, Virginia
Fun Fact: Three of the things that make me happiest in the world are libraries, Russian literature, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Meridian Paulton

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Fun Fact: Yes, I am in fact named after the Prime Meridian. Blame my mom's college geography class.


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Pierre du Plessis

Hometown: Lovettsville, Virginia
Fun Fact: My family and I immigrated from South Africa when I was three and a half.

Daniel Fierer

Hometown: Williamsport, Maryland
Fun Fact: I really love math and music, but I'm not a Laputan because I have a soul.


Neil Durning

Hometown: Milltown, New Jersey
Fun Fact: I think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play football.

David Rowland

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Fun Fact: My most notable leadership position to date was my brief but effective stint as an evil chancellor in a high-school drama. No, I'm not sure how I got this job, either.

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