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Future Students

Preparing For College

Applying to colleges can be daunting - we want to reduce that load for you. Below you will find four helpful steps to prepare yourself for the college application process.

1. Start Early

Most students don’t start seriously looking at colleges until senior year. This means that they are searching for colleges, applying for scholarships, and finishing high school coursework while trying to spend time with friends before graduation.

If you start your search during your sophomore or junior year, even if you are just browsing without a clear idea of what you want to major in, it alleviates a lot of stress. So start early: it helps.

2. Visit Colleges on Your List

As much as possible, visit colleges that interest you. When you visit, be sure to ask the important questions: “Do I feel safe here?” “Can I call it 'home' for four years?” “Will I grow, mature, and learn here?” Visiting tells you far more than a website or brochure.

3. Don't Neglect High School

As important as researching colleges is, don’t forget: they will ask for your high school transcript. So study hard, pay attention in class, and finish strong. Your admissions counselor will thank you.

4. Apply Early in the Year

Some colleges require you to “lock in” to attend their school if you apply early, so watch for that (this is usually referred to as an “Early Decision” deadline). But if they allow you (like we do) to apply early without locking you in, applying earlier usually gives you a better shot at scholarships. And if you are denied admission by your first choice, you have time to apply to other colleges. So apply early.

To see what PHC’s application process looks like, click on the button below!


Financing College

We are committed to working with students to help make one of the nation's finest classical Christian liberal arts educations affordable. Whether you're interested in finding out more about merit-based or need-based scholarships, the Financial Aid Office can help determine your eligibility and guide you through the application process.


Bill Kellaris, the Director of Financial Aid, works with prospective and current students and their families to provide counsel concerning the financial aid process. Click on the button below to see our offerings!


PHC Financial Aid


PHC Admissions Counselors in Your Neighborhood

Patrick Henry College Admissions Counselors travel the country looking for opportunities to meet, counsel, and encourage high school students that are in the college search process. Our counselors host events and attend college fairs and homeschool conventions as they travel. 

View a map of our travels here!


Find a PHC Event in your Area


Visit Campus

The best way to get to know PHC is to see it for yourself! See what it’s like to join a community that will challenge your mind, sharpen your faith, and develop your passions.

Personal Visit

The first option is a Personal Visit, where you can attend chapel and classes, eat in the dining commons, tour the campus, and speak at length with admissions and financial aid counselors.

Open House

The second option is our full-day Open House events, held several times a year, where prospective students can experience the added opportunity of breakout sessions with staff, students, and PHC’s president on student life, educational philosophy, and major programs. Students may also stay overnight and experience dorm life first-hand.

Register for a visit here!

Visit PHC


Application Process

Applying to PHC will require time and energy (all good things in life do), with each piece showcasing your strengths as an applicant. To help best present your application to the Review Committee, we will be looking for two short essays, two references, a reading list and activity list, and the standard requirements of test scores and transcripts.

Each piece will take only minutes to complete, and our counselors are standing by to help answer your questions as you go through the process.


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Making Your Decision

We get it: there are lots of colleges that you could attend, and a host of factors that will play a role in your final decision.

How far will you be from home? How much will it cost when all is said and done? What job opportunities will you have after school? Will you be challenged to grow by your peers and instructors? These are important questions to consider.

We have been blessed to see God doing amazing things at PHC. Our students compete for (and win) the most competitive internships in the country. Our students win full-ride scholarships to the best law schools and grad schools. Graduates are hired straight out of college over students with master's degrees.

And we have received words of appreciation from local pastors thanking us for how our students serve in their churches. We hear from parents how their daughters and sons have matured so much over their four years in college. Truly, the hand of God is here and hard at work—just like our students.

If this is what you are looking for, you should seriously consider Patrick Henry. We may not be the cheapest school in your search, and we will certainly not be the largest school on your list. But this I know: the Lord is present here, and those that He calls to this place flourish, both in school and after graduating. And we’d love to give you a shot at that opportunity—the opportunity of a lifetime.

Aaron Kamakawiwoole
Assistant Director of Admission


Discovering PHC

Patrick Henry College sits on the edge of Purcellville, a small town in Western Loudoun County. Five minutes from campus is the W&OD biking/hiking trail, grocery stores, coffee shops, churches, restaurants, and farms, fields, and streams. Half-an-hour out, explore the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Shenandoah Valley, Civil War sites like Harper’s Ferry, and Leesburg—a large town boasting many department stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. Prefer the city to Purcellville’s small-town atmosphere? Adventure out another hour or two to spend the day in the Nation’s capital seeing museums, memorials, the Capitol, the White House, the Kennedy Center, or NFL and NBA games.

Find out more about both the rural and the metropolitan offerings of this beautiful area and check out the PHC Pinterest page! 

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Visiting Patrick Henry College

Personal Visit

Visit Classes

Observe firsthand the teaching of world-class faculty and attend U.S. History with Dr. Spinney, Western Literature with Dr. Grewell, Freedom’s Foundations with Dr. Mitchell, or Comparative Politics, Theology of the Bible, Journalism, and others.

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Attend Chapel

Experience PHC’s vibrant community through corporate worship. Chapel on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is a devotional time. Hear Scriptural messages given by a variety of faculty, staff, local ministers, and other guests. Students share their testimonies in their senior year.

The Worship Guild is comprised of students who plan and lead worship.

phc chorale

Get Answers

We have your day planned! While you're with us we have a schedule that is designed to help you learn if this is where God is leading you to study.

Speak at length with your admissions counselor and the Director of Financial Aid. Spend time with students and meet members of our faculty and administration to learn about life at PHC. You are our guest and your visit ought to suit your interests.

unlocking the mysteries of creation

Open House Visit

Overnight Stay

Stay overnight in the dorms with current students and experience life at PHC for yourself.

phc student lounge

Leadership & Student Life Panel

Hear from the College’s leadership, including the President, and pose questions to current Resident Assistants about PHC’s student life.


Faculty Breakout Sessions

Get to know faculty members in your major and get questions answered in person about your potential course of study.

phc chapel
Visit PHC

Admission Team

Patrick Henry College's Admission Team is comprised of alumni and seasoned professionals committed to helping your transition to campus life be as easy as possible. We're happy to answer questions you may have!

Please email us (admissions@phc.edu) or call us (888.338.1776).

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Stephen Pierce

Director of Student Recruitment

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Aimee Stauf

Prospect Marketing Lead

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Olivia Monroe

Student Talent Acquisition Manager

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Hannah Waters

Admissions Counselor

Northeast United States


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