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Future Students

Preparing For College

Applying to colleges can be daunting - we want to reduce that load for you. Below you will find four helpful steps to prepare yourself for the college application process.


 1. Start Early

Most students don’t start seriously looking at colleges until senior year. This means that they are searching for colleges, applying for scholarships, and finishing high school coursework while trying to spend time with family and friends before graduation.

Even if you are unsure of your major, starting your search during your sophomore or junior year can save you time and stress. So start earlyit helps!

 2. Visit Colleges on Your List

In addition to reading our website and brochures, you can learn even more when you visit Patrick Henry College. Be sure to notice the campus community, the spiritual life of the students, and the depth of the faculty and staff.

 3. Don't Neglect High School

College research is important, but don’t forget: they will ask for your high school transcript. So study hard, pay attention in class, and finish strong.

 4. Apply Early in the Year

Here at Patrick Henry College, we waive the application fee through November 1st. In addition, early admitted students receive priority consideration for available scholarships. 


We are committed to working with students to help make Patrick Henry College affordable. Whether you're interested in finding out more about scholarships, student loans, or student employment options, the Financial Aid Office can answer questions from you and your family.

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A Degree Unlike Any Other

Patrick Henry College was founded to offer parents and students a credible alternative to the status quo in higher education—an alternative that lifts high both faith and reason.

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Visit Campus

The best way to get to know PHC is to see it for yourself! Experience a community that challenges your mind, sharpens your faith, and develops your calling.

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Application Process

You can complete your entire PHC application in as little as 20 minutesas long as you have prepared the required documents in advance.

Our admissions team is ready to help you through the process! Please feel free to contact our office or your admissions counselor Monday through Friday, 8:30am-5:30pm EST.

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Discovering PHC

Patrick Henry College sits on the edge of Purcellville, a small town in Northern Virginia. Fifty miles to the east lies Washington D.C., and ten miles to the west lies the Appalachian Trail and the Shenandoah Valley.

From campus you have access to a mix of urban and rural environments. Leesburg, a city supporting the local area, provides many restaurants and shops. The Shenandoah Valley provides hiking trails and historical sites. With Washington D.C. so close, you not only have the ability to visit the nation's capital, but you also have the opportunity to pursue prestigious internships.

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Exploring a dormitory

Tour Our Dorms

Patrick Henry College's five  Williamsburg-style residence halls are well-equipped to provide students with all the comforts of a full college experience. 


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