Patrick Henry Policy Institute

The Patrick Henry Policy Institute is a policy advocacy organization that works to alleviate suffering and promote human flourishing. The organization ... Read More

The Patrick Henry College Federalist Society

The Patrick Henry College Federalist Society Chapter seeks to encourage debate and discussion among the student body regarding constitutional and other legal issues. ... Read More

PHC Students For Life

PHC Students for Life exists to recruit, train, and mobilize pro-life students at PHC to make abortion unthinkable and inaccessible in our community and country. We ... Read More

Asaph Society

The Asaph Society exists to glorify and enjoy God through creating Christ-oriented poetry and music in community. Their club meetings include singing familiar and ... Read More


Patrick Henry College’s Classical Liberal Arts Journal, Aletheia, published its first issue in the Fall of 2021. A group of CLA students began the journal for ... Read More

PHC Running Club

The mission of the PHC Running Club is to foster the distance-running community on the campus, to equip runners at all levels (entry level runners to ... Read More

Pre-Law Society

The Pre-Law Society exists to bring together undergraduate students pursuing law into a community and provide them with resources for preparing for law school in ... Read More

The Swim Club

The PHC Swim Club meets 2-3 times per week at the Round Hill Aquatic Center to swim laps. For each practice, members complete an ... Read More

PHC IJM Campus Chapter

The PHC International Justice Mission club exists to raise awareness concerning issues of human ... Read More

American Public Policy Education Club

Why policy?

Because Christian leaders are needed for creating public policies that honor God and best serve the needs of ... Read More

Alexandria Historical Society

The Alexandria Society was created to promote a love of history among the students of the Patrick Henry College, furthering the goal of PHC to emphasize the ... Read More

The Herald

The Herald is published each week and distributed around campus to the students, staff, and faculty at PHC. The ... Read More

Eden Troupe

As PHC’s drama program, Eden Troupe strives to present thought-provoking and amusing plays for the glory of Christ. Eden Troupe performs productions every semester for ... Read More

The Baseball Club

Established in 2017, the Baseball Club brings America's pastime to PHC, allowing students to play baseball at the competitive collegiate club level. ... Read More

Shall We Dance Society

PHC’s Shall We Dance Society seeks to promote and cultivate a love of dance through weekly lessons which help prepare students for the ... Read More

PHC Art Society

Bring your paints, crafts, clay, and sketch pads and get ready to create at Patrick Henry College's Art Society.

Read More

The George Wythe Review

The students of the Government: American Politics and Policy major began the ... Read More


Patrick Henry College's literary journal, Westmarch (formerly called The Vessel and before that, The Cuttlefish), was instituted in the 2020 school year by its ... Read More

The Great Commission Association

The Great Commission Association (GCA) of Patrick Henry College seeks to follow Christ out of love for Him, particularly by obeying the Great ... Read More

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