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Patrick Henry College’s Classical Liberal Arts Journal, Aletheia, published its first issue in the Fall of 2021. A group of CLA students began the journal for the purpose of glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing His truth, goodness, and beauty in the various classical disciplines of philosophy, history, literature, classics, mathematics, science, music, and biblical studies. 
Aletheia aims to fulfill its purpose through the semesterly publication of issues, each containing the works of PHC students, alumni, and/or faculty members from at least three of the disciplines. Each issue’s works relate, either directly or tangentially, to that issue’s particular theme. To acknowledge Aletheia’s dependence on God, each issue also opens with a prayer and closes with a hymn, both of which are researched and chosen from the body of Christian tradition and are relevant to the issue’s theme.

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To facilitate sharing with others Christ’s truth, goodness, and beauty, Aletheia holds a semesterly Symposium after the publication of each issue. Aletheia recognizes that the highest telos of the classical liberal arts is to cultivate students’ affections, ordering their loves toward the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore strives for comprehensive excellence—whether in team dynamics and infrastructure or in substance and presentation of the journal’s issues.
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