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Cost of Attendance


Financial Aid Homepage

On-Campus Costs:

Degree-seeking students admitted for study toward a Bachelor of Arts degree
Prices reflect charges before reduction by PHC's generous financial aid
Fall, Spring, or Summer Academic Year Charges
(Fall & Spring)
Full-Time Student
12-18 credits/semester
$13,961 $27,922
Dining Plan A
21 meals/week - required for freshmen
$2,918 $5,836
Dining Plan B
15 meals/week; any 15 meals
$2,616 $5,232
Residence: 2 person room
availability not guaranteed
$2,446 $4,892
Residence: 3 person room
availability not guaranteed
$2,119 $4,238
Residence: 4 person room
availability not guaranteed
$1,635 $3,270
Residence: 6 person room
Men's Dorm only; availability not guaranteed
$1,043 $2,086


Tuition Cost Per Credit
Degree-Seeking $1,163/credit
(for 1–11 or 19+ credits)
Non-Degree-Seeking $614/credit
Distance Learning $425/credit
$1,275/3 credit course


Discover PHC's Monthly Payment Plan

How Can I Afford PHC?

Like many families with college-bound students, you are probably concerned about the rising cost of higher education. At Patrick Henry College, we understand that concern.  Although the student and his or her family have the primary responsibility for paying  the cost of education, we are committed to working with you to help make one of the nation’s finest classical Christian liberal arts educations more affordable.

Thanks to generous donors and careful use of resources, we are able to offer a substantial amount of financial aid. The College awarded nearly $3 million dollars in scholarships for the 2017-2018 academic year. We assist families in creating financial plans that include scholarships, student employment, loans, and more — all with the goal of giving qualified students the opportunity to attend Patrick Henry College.

On this website, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about financial aid at PHC, as well as information on the options that the college offers. Approximately 90% of PHC's student body benefits from one or more financial aid programs.  

Contact the Office of Financial Aid at: (540) 441-8142 or FinancialAid@phc.edu.

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