I don't live the way I used to live.

Posted by Josiah Hemp on 6/12/24 10:06 AM

The first time Christian Castro (CLA, '24) grasped the point and purpose of life was freshman year, taking Western Civilization with Dr. Favelo. “Dr. Favelo," Castro said, "I just want to get a...

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PHC's new online video course is here! And it's free!

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 5/31/24 10:01 AM

If Christians want to find a path forward through many of the controversial issues facing the church and society today, we’ll find that path by looking again at what it means that God made us—all...

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Through a Clear Lens: The Philosophy Minor at PHC

Posted by Emma Perley on 8/9/21 10:52 AM

As Christians navigate the secular world today, we are bombarded with philosophical questions concerning nearly every important issue. Is a fetus a human being? Is freedom really inalienable in the...

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Examining the Greatest Questions in Human History

Posted by Emma Perley on 8/4/21 8:38 AM

Where did we come from and where are we going? Why are we here? What is moral truth, can we know it, and who decides? What are the greatest ideas in history? Where do they come from?

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Reality Is Not Chopped Up Into Little Pieces

Posted by Emma Perley on 8/4/21 8:00 AM

Truth comes as a whole. We don’t approach reality as chopped up into little pieces. The education that helped shape the thinking of the American founding fathers has essentially gone missing from...

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Education Which Makes Us Free

Posted by Emma Perley on 7/9/21 11:05 AM

A classical Christian education is an education for free citizens. Since 2008, Dr. Bayer has consistently and purposefully taught PHC students with a high level of academic rigor, guided them into a...

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