Major in Classical Liberal Arts

Students in the Classical Liberal Arts Major pursue a rigorous interdisciplinary focus in the liberal arts, preparing them for graduate school, seminary, or the work force.  Students are required to take five courses developing an integrated philosophical, historical, literary, and biblical worldview and then may use Major Course Electives to continue to gain broad exposure to the liberal arts disciplines. To fulfill their apprenticeship credits, students pursue research projects, applied internships or practica.  Students study a classical language.

The CLA major's interdisciplinary opportunities help students explore their academic strengths and develop the art of learning as a lifestyle. This major also gives students the flexibility to hand-select classes, allowing them to develop their own focus in a particular area of study.

Learning Objectives for the Classical Liberal Arts Major

1.    Demonstrate effective research and writing skills.
2.    Analyze significant cultural issues in the historical development of the classical liberal arts.
3.    Articulate a thorough integration of faith and learning in classical liberal arts disciplines.


The Classical Liberal Arts major is comprised of the following credit allowances:

  • 63 credits in the Core Curriculum.
  • 36 Major Credits
  • 24 credits of Open Elective (which can be fulfilled through language study, transfer credits, and/or a minor course of study).

Recommended Courses and Course Sequence for Classical Liberal Arts

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