Internship Opportunities

“The Classical Liberal Arts program has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the world around me through the broad range of subjects I have studied. I better see how ways of thought have developed over time and influence every sphere of academic, political, and social thought. Ultimately, this degree will benefit me by helping me better understand human nature and reasoning so that I can be a more informed and effective member of society."
—Abby Osborne, '16


Classroom Students -8-591443-edited.jpgInternship Opportunities

  • Student Teaching/Teacher’s Aide 
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Living History/Historical
  • Tour Guides
  • Book Writing
  • Research Projects
  • Private Tutoring
  • PHC Youth Music Academy
  • Youth Ministry
  • Pastor’s Assistant
  • Theatrical Directing

Recommended Courses and Course Sequence for the CLA Major.

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