Through a Clear Lens: The Philosophy Minor at PHC

Posted by Emma Perley on 8/9/21 10:52 AM

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As Christians navigate the secular world today, we are bombarded with philosophical questions concerning nearly every important issue. Is a fetus a human being? Is freedom really inalienable in the midst of a pandemic? Should humans strive to live lives of virtue, or are we free to do whatever makes us feel good in a postmodern society? 

 These questions deserve answers, but few realize the answers lay deep within the minds of those who came before us, and not in buzzword sentences or temporary subjective feelings. Philosophers thousands of years ago were considering—and answering—these questions, and not all held to a Christian worldview. Yet many, including Aristotle and John Locke, came to conclusions in tandem with the Christian faith: that to live a life of virtue is the highest calling for any human, and that constitutional democracy maintains inalienable freedom under law. 

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Quote above: Timothy Williamson, the Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford.

How are we to study these timeless truths as secular colleges elsewhere increasingly place emphasis on pessimistic existential philosophies in which God has no place? At Patrick Henry College, the Philosophy minor broadens students’ understanding of the meaning and use behind prevalent philosophies throughout Western civilization without sacrificing faithfulness to Scripture. 

The Philosophy minor at Patrick Henry College gives students the ability to articulate how Western history of philosophy shapes contemporary beliefs. Students also gain a broad understanding of contemporary philosophical debates, as well as of the intersection of philosophical positions, both historical and contemporary, with a biblical understanding of reality. Students explore the following:



Philosophy of religion


Having navigated the Philosophy minor, graduates will commence their vocational calling with extensive knowledge of philosophy, law, writing, and public policy under their belt. 

At Patrick Henry College, the Philosophy minor helps students see the world more clearly through a rigorous classical liberal arts core and a deep examination and understanding of important philosophical discussions.


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