PHC launches a new major!

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 7/11/24 9:46 AM

Attention prospective pre-med students: PHC is launching an Integrated Math & Natural Sciences (IMNS) major and minor! IMNS is a science major specifically designed for those who are interested in...

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Kingdom, nation, people: Titus Walker's summer program at St. Andrews

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 7/11/24 8:31 AM

How do PHC students spend their summers? Rising senior Titus Walker (SI, '25) just returned from a month in Scotland, where he completed a summer program at the University of St. Andrews. We asked...

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How God called Elizabeth to Scotland

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 7/3/24 8:34 AM

“I’m tired. It’s time to just live the 9-5 life," Elizabeth Shannon (History, '20) thought after graduating from PHC. Four years later, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Modern History at the University of...

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Andrew's and Reuben's stories from Pakistan

Posted by Josiah Hemp on 6/24/24 5:01 PM

When President Haye asked rising juniors Reuben Umana and Andrew Penrod if they would join him on a trip to serve in Pakistan with All Neighbors International, he told them to prayerfully consider...

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President Haye reflects on his trip to Pakistan

Posted by Jack Haye on 6/24/24 5:00 PM

Stories have a way of capturing our imaginations and transporting us into their space unlike mere facts and figures can do. For with facts and figures, we are looking “at” something, as C.S. Lewis...

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Don't waste your summer!

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 6/10/24 7:17 AM

Do you feel like your summers are busy but unproductive? Like you aren’t really doing anything—your wheels are just spinning? Even worse—do you feel like even though you're doing nothing you still...

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Dr. Roberts' 10 tips for recent graduates

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 6/6/24 10:13 AM

The following article is an adaption of the Baccalaureate address delivered by Dr. Matthew Roberts in May 2024. 

Let us consider the words of the Apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Rome,


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1st legacy students to join in the fall

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 5/23/24 1:42 PM

PHC’s first legacy students—children of alumni—will be coming to campus in the fall: Emmie Main, whose mom Joanna graduated in 2005 (Government, Public Policy) and Amelia Davis, whose parents Danny...

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3 Ways PHC Prepares its Students for Top Law Schools

Posted by Trinity Klomparens on 4/24/24 8:57 AM

Patrick Henry College is uniquely successful in preparing students for careers in law. Not only does its rigorous education pave the way for students to tackle heavy course loads in law school, but...

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Habits of highly productive students according to PHC professors

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 4/18/24 8:27 AM

The workload at PHC is no joke, and it is easy to slip into procrastination or to lose track of assignments. For many, college is the first time they are learning to balance life on their own, and...

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