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A Closer Look At the Incoming Class

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 8/7/19 10:44 AM

In just two weeks, Patrick Henry College will welcome 92 new degree-seeking students—and this class is truly impressive. 

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What to Expect from Orientation at Patrick Henry College

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 8/1/19 11:07 AM

Welcome, Class of 2023! We can't wait for you to join us at the end of the month. Before you arrive, we wanted to give you and your families a sense of what orientation week at Patrick Henry...

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Here's What's Unique About Journalism at PHC

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 6/25/19 3:45 PM

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What kind of person does it take to be a good journalist?

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 6/12/19 10:02 AM

Recently a student wrote to PHC Journalism Professor Dr. Sillars with some questions, and here are his answers:

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Interview: White House Internship Takeaways

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 6/6/19 1:33 PM

 POTUS: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour* | Carter with President Donald Trump and other interns: front row, third from right

Abi Carter, a rising senior at PHC, interned at the White...

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A Look Inside Commencement at PHC

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 5/9/19 11:38 AM


PHC seeks to make its graduation experience memorable and motivating for each graduate. While the conferral of degrees is a central aspect of the weekend, the College is primarily concerned with...

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Facts vs. Fiction About Intelligence Work

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 1/30/19 9:54 AM

Have you ever thought about what it would like to be a spy? We all know working in the Intelligence Community is not exactly like the movies, but what is it truly like?

Questions were derived from...

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The Best of LearnPHC in 2018

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 12/27/18 8:19 AM

As 2018 begins to wrap up, we wanted to share our highlights with you. Here are the top ten LearnPHC posts from this year, ranked. Enjoy!

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How to Take Your Christmas Break to the Next Level

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 12/21/18 9:57 AM

Now that school has ended, and you’ve (hopefully) gotten a chance to enjoy a few days off, we wanted to make sure you’ve got everything you need to have an amazing Christmas break! Whether you’re...

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Top Four Articles on Liberal Arts Trends You Should Read Today

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 12/13/18 5:00 PM

So what's going on with liberal arts in higher education today? Here's a roundup of four articles on the latest trends, including details on why a quality (classical) liberal arts education is...

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