Faith & Reason Lecture Day is Almost Here

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 2/4/19 3:04 PM


Dr. Greg Ganssle, Professor of Philosophy at Biola University, Talbot School of Theology, will be delivering this spring's Faith and Reason Lecture on "Core Identity and the Journey Towards...

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Faith and Reason Fall 2018: Retrieving the Freedom of a Christian in an Age of License

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 9/19/18 1:43 PM

Dr. Brad Littlejohn delivered a compelling Faith and Reason lecture Tuesday, "Christ and Liberty: Retrieving the Freedom of a Christian in an Age of License,” initiating a thought-provoking,...

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Faith and Reason Fall 2018: Luther and the Founders on Liberty

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 9/12/18 9:48 AM


As Dr. Brad Littlejohn prepares this semester’s Faith & Reason lecture for Tuesday, September 18, he turns to Martin Luther and the American Founding Fathers to compare their thoughts on liberty.

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WATCH THE VIDEO: Are We Starting a New Conservative Age?

Posted by Evie Fordham on 2/9/18 4:32 PM

Is secular globalism a dying ideology? If so, what will replace it? 

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PHCers Respond: Dr. Mark Mitchell's "Illiberal Liberalism" Faith & Reason Message

Posted by Becca Samelson on 10/1/17 9:02 AM


The Lockean framework on which our political institutions are built may not be as stable as we imagine, Dr. Mark Mitchell argued on September 19.

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Faith and Reason: Income Inequality and the Christian's Role in Economics

Posted by Leah Greenwood on 2/13/17 10:33 AM

“I’m a Christian first and an economist second. That’s important for all of us as Christ followers,” said Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, speaker at this semester’s Faith and Reason Day at PHC.

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Faith and Reason Spring 2017

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 2/9/17 10:07 AM

Faith and Reason at PHC is right around the corner on Friday, February 10th starting at 9:30am!

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Fall 2016 Faith & Reason Lecture - Literature Professor Dr. Cory Grewell

Posted by Harvest Prude on 9/19/16 11:25 AM

Dr. Cory Grewell, Professor of Literature, is this fall’s speaker for Faith and Reason. His topic is “(Re)constructing Meaning: The Nature of Words and Participating Being.” Faith and Reason will...

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