What is Faith & Reason at Patrick Henry College?

The Faith & Reason lecture is a time-honored PHC tradition of gathering together as a campus community to consider the shape and contour of important topics as presented by faculty and guest lecturers.

The Faith & Reason lectures are presented to our campus community—one per semester—as springboards for conversations that move from the lecture hall to the dining commons to the dorm rooms, becoming a part of our campus conversations.

The ability to think carefully through complex topics is an important component of civil discourse. We grow individually and as a community, as we wrestle with and debate the merit of the ideas presented. We do all of this with a spirit of humility and charity and with the recognition that “iron sharpens iron.”


Recorded on Friday, February 9, 2024

Marriage: Divine Design, Demonic Attack
   The Normative Goodness of Manhood, Womanhood and Marriage

Dr. Sharon James 


Expressive Individualism

"Planet Narnia"
Bonus Lecture

The Abolition of Man: Philosophy or Theology

The Abolition of Man:

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Faith, Reason, and Imagination

Pursuing "High Telos" History

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Influencing The World Through Christ

Patrick Henry College believes that God is the source of all truth, be it spiritual, moral, philosophical, or scientific. For this reason, we seek to educate students in God's truth throughout the entire curriculum. Christian faith and genuine learning cannot be separated; neither is our Christian faith a mere addendum to the liberal learning process. Instead, our Christian faith precedes and informs all that we at Patrick Henry College study, teach, and learn. 

Note: PHC does not necessarily endorse these lecturers nor the content of their lectures.


                 Statement of Faith                  

The Three Distinctives


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