Relationship Maintenance: How to Keep Family and Friends in the Loop

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 9/12/17 8:55 AM

So you’ve made it. After all those months of preparation, shopping, packing, and dreaming, you’ve finally settled into your new life at college. First, congratulations!

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Is Your College Going to Prepare You for a Great Future?

Posted by Evie Fordham on 9/10/17 9:30 AM

A recent article from says that students choosing colleges are overlooking some of the most critical factors. One major oversight is the consideration of how likely they will...

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Should I Get a Job While in College?

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 8/30/17 9:09 AM

If you are a full-time college student pondering this age-old question ("Should I get a job?"), worry no more. You are in the right place!

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Stepping Stones: Students Who Transitioned from Community College to PHC

Posted by Evie Fordham on 8/23/17 9:30 AM

These two Patrick Henry College students started at community college, but ultimately found what they were looking for academically, socially, and spiritually at PHC. 

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What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman in College

Posted by Christine McDonald on 8/17/17 5:25 PM

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself some things? While these upperclassmen can't time travel, they do want to share some advice to any freshman who is venturing into college this...

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Short Story Contest First Place: From a Demon to a College Student

Posted by Grace Richardson on 4/27/17 9:00 AM


I happened upon this letter, and realized it was the transcription of a missive Lewis himself had intercepted. I read it, and found it charming, if a bit morose, and I hope the reader shall find...

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Creative Classic Short Story Contest Second Place: Three Loves

Posted by Leo Briceno on 4/21/17 9:00 AM

Leo's short story is the second place winner in the Creative Classic contest hosted by PHC's student newspaper The Herald.

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Creative Classic Short Story Contest Third Place: The Winter War

Posted by Jimmy Waters on 4/11/17 9:30 AM


“Every December, they come. Although we are guilty of no offense, they continue to cut down and dishonor our brothers and sisters. Now is the time to rise up against these savage invaders! Now...

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An Average Day in the Life of a PHC Freshman

Posted by Brenna Bakke on 3/24/17 9:30 AM

At Patrick Henry College, freshmen have the unique experience of sharing most of their classes and adventures together as the freshman course load is standardized. Unless you have transferred in...

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What is It Like to Attend a Small College?

Posted by Brenna Bakke on 3/7/17 9:00 AM

You have to weigh many factors when you decide on your college. Your major, location, extra-curriculars, and community are just a few of the considerations. Overwhelmed with options, students...

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