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A Meditation on Advent

Posted by Stephen Allen on 11/30/18 3:29 PM

It’s an amazing concept that created beings can bring our Creator pleasure through worship. Can our minds truly grasp the concept that it honors the King of Creation when creatures of his design...

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A Note From President Haye: View From a Hillside

Posted by Stephen Allen on 7/5/18 11:20 AM

Was it always clear sailing for even the disciples who walked and talked with Jesus every day? No.

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Join PHC at the World's Largest Pro-Life Event

Posted by Stephen Allen on 10/20/17 9:31 AM

"January 22, 1973 is ingrained in the minds of pro-lifers because on that infamous, historic day, the Supreme Court invalidated 50 state laws and made abortion legal and available on demand...

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Faith and Reason Lecture - Roberta Bayer Ph.D.

Posted by Stephen Allen on 2/17/16 4:49 PM

FALL 2014 - FAITH & REASON LECTURE September 12, 2014

Lecture title: "James Wilson—The Democratic Intellect at the Founding."

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Newsmakers Interview Series

Posted by Stephen Allen on 2/17/16 12:11 PM

Dr. Marvin Olasky, the College's Distinguished Chair in Journalism and Public Policy, regularly conducts week-long series of interviews with newsmakers from every sphere on the PHC campus.

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