2023 wrapped: part one of PHC's year in review

Posted by Mark Shankov on 12/26/23 8:22 PM

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Another year comes to an end. Let's look at what PHC students were up to!

1.  PHC students minister to at-risk youth 
Spring Break 2023_CER ministries

PHC nurtures a community of proactive servants and ministers. This year, a group of PHC students, led by President Haye, traveled to the Christian Encounter Ranch in California to serve at-risk youth. The students had the opportunity to spend their break sharing the love of Jesus and hope of the Gospel.

2.  PHC's New England chorale tour

SP 2023 Chorale Tour_back page poster (1)

Chorale is a huge part of many students' years at PHC, blessing all audiences with their singing talents. This year this wonderful group, directed by Rod Appleton, was blessed to travel New England, performing at various churches and spreading the Gospel and light of Jesus over Easter break.

3. Victory for PHIG executive teamimage-Dec-21-2023-11-46-22-3942-AM

The Executive Team of PHIG (Patrick Henry Investment Group), comprised of Everett Chew, Reagan Van Belle, Inge Washburn, and Josiah Kitching, took second place in the final round of GLOBAL 2023. The group traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for the final round at the Copenhagen Business School on February 24th .

4.  PHC Running Club Valentine's Day 5KIMG_7793(1)

The school’s PHC Running Club hosted PHC’s Valentine's Day 5k run with over 100 participants! Local businesses sponsored the event bringing the community together. We were even visited by a cupid!

5.  PHC students travel with Dr. Grewell to London and Paris 

Paris trip (edited)

PHC faculty and professors constantly seek to inspire and mentor their students. Dr. Grewell found his own way of doing so by taking a group of students on a week-long tour of London and Paris during the summer. 

6.  PHC Baseball Club wins first-ever home game 

SP 23 Baseball

This year brought a revamped baseball club with new uniforms and a lot of energy. The team took a sliding victory at their first-ever home game on April 1st!

7.  Prayer walk 


“It is so important that we hedge in our campus with fervent prayer.” These were President Haye’s words after witnessing the PHC community turn up on August 8th to walk the campus perimeter to pray over and bless different locations of PHC in anticipation of the new school year.

8.  Teen camps ties record number of attendance

TLC 23_2

Teen camps are one of the biggest events offered by PHC to aspiring high school students to explore various majors of the college. This year PHC tied their attendance record set in 2006, hosting 484 students!

9.  Dr. West becomes first PHC Graduate to return as a full-time faculty

Dr. Kyle West-1Dr. Kyle West became the first PHC graduate to return as a full-time professor teaching Classics. He has had the dream to teach as a professor ever since he was 12!

10.  Dr. Ben Carson speaks at May 2023 Commencement

Carson Speech (2)_23 Commencement

PHC hosted renowned Dr. Ben Carson as the May 2023 commencement speaker. Dr. Carson served for nearly 30 years as Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and has become very familiar with Patrick Henry as a "great place with great students and tremendous values."

Part 2 of PHC's 2023 Year in Review


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