Loudoun's best buffalo wings are at an Italian restaurant...here are our favorite food spots

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Where are good restaurants to eat and study in northern Virginia, Purcellville, and Leesburg?

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Are you looking for some tried-and-true restaurants and coffeeshops in the Purcellville area? Did you know that some of the best wings in Loudoun County are actually to be found at an Italian restaurant? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of options? If so, our students and staff have weighed in with their expert suggestions. This is probably the most comprehensive list we've ever composed.

Our very unbiased rankings are at the bottom.

Smokin Willy's BBQ | Ridgetop Coffee & Tea

"My favorite spot to eat is Smokin Willy’s BBQ in Purcellville. Fav study spot is Ridgetop Coffee & Tea in Sterling." — Grace S.

Penny's Diner

"Penny’s Diner is a ’50s-style restaurant that’s open 24/7 in Brunswick, Maryland about 25 minutes from PHC’s campus. This anachronistic yet strangely nostalgic and comforting diner is home to burgers and pancakes, coffee and milkshakes, and biscuits and gravy! This is a great place both for late-night expeditions and early-morning breakfasts.

I've been there with the bois, been there for studying, been there on dates, and been there for after-church Sunday brouhahas. Good place." — Ethan S.

Cheng's Asian House

"My favorite Chinese restaurant—where we go for anniversaries and birthdays—is Cheng’s Asian House in Chantilly!" — Tom Z.

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More Better | Quattro Goombas | Tava Fry | Carolina Brothers Pit BBQ | Back Street Brews Coffee and Tea House | Moo Thru

"Go to More Better in Round Hill for brunch.  Order “The Hangover” AND the cinnamon bun.  Your first bite will take you into a state of blissful existence.  Leave stuffed and happy.  (I can’t vouch for the “frickles”, blech!*)
It physically pained us to write "More Better."
*Ref. Sheerah A.'s remark in the next comment.

Quattro Goombas in Aldie has Sicilian-style pizza that comes from an original recipe when the family immigrated to the States.

Tava Fry in Ashburn for Mumbai street food.  Recommend the Tava Ragda Pattice (veggie patties)!

Carolina Brothers BBQ in Ashburn, right on to the W&OD trail.  It’s impossible to not find something you will like here.

Back Street Brews Coffee and Tea House in Lovettsville.  Cute spot.  Laid-back locals.

If you’re here over the summer, Moo Thru has a food truck set up at the Hillsboro school that serves some of the best ice cream." — Shanda F.

Gogiville | Market in the Gap 

"If you’re interested in Korean BBQ, Gogiville in Centreville is the absolute best around! Great experience, whether it’s a special date or a small group, and the bulgogi is the best. Be sure to ask for lettuce wraps to go with it.

For a more local option, try Andy’s at Market in The Gap for wood-fired pizza. It’s small, but there is pretty outdoor seating as it gets warmer! His fresh pita, hummus, and baba ganoush are incredible.

Also, I second Shanda’s pick of More Better. You have to try the frickles. You won't regret it." — Sheerah A.
We would like to note that we (rather, I, Abby, composing this post), upon looking up what "frickles" are, do not necessarily condone this recommendation. As believers in free press, however, we've decided to include it.

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Doppio Bunny | Stoneybrook Farm & Market | Bia Kitchen | Patama Thai Kitchen

"Doppio Bunny has the best Pumpkin Spice and Maple lattes and is such a fun place to study or meet friends! They also showcase local artists which is fun.

Stoneybrook in Hillsboro is my favorite spot to go on a rainy day (sit in the porch area—it's so cozy). They have great Reuben sandwiches. I'm also a sucker for any place with homemade jams and woven baskets. 

If you're looking for a nice place to go out to eat, Bia Kitchen is fantastic!

If you're looking for the best take-out in Purcellville, Patama, hands-down. I recommend their Yum or Drunken Noodles." — Abby W.
Shanda F. would like to caveat this claim by adding that Bia's churros are not good. She's tried them three times, so she's sort of an expert. 

Bkd. Bagels

"My favorite place to study off-campus is Bkd. Bagels. The vibes are immaculate and it’s rarely busy." — Olivia M.
She also later noted that this is not her actual favorite spot, but her second favorite spot. "I don't want people stealing my study places." Thank you for your honesty, Olivia. 

Sakura | Velocity | La Villa Roma

"I’d like to add the sushi bar at Sakura in the Fort Evans Plaza, Leesburg. Skip Hibachi and the 'Flaming Onion Volcano.' Their sushi chefs know how to cut thick sashimi! It’s the best sushi for the price in the area.

Also, if you’re a freak about finding the best buffalo wings, it’s a toss-up between Velocity in Purcellville and La Villa Roma in Leesburg. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for amazing wings, an Italian restaurant may not come to mind, but once you try La Villa Roma, you can never go back! MAN, their wings are dynamite!" — Stephen A.
These sound great! One does wonder, though, what made Stephen order buffalo wings at an Italian restaurant. 

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"My favorite off-campus study spot is definitely Goosecup. Their espresso is by far the best I've had in NOVA." — Adesh K. 

"Goosecup in Leesburg is a spot my friends and I enjoy going to. Not only is the coffee and matcha amazing, but it is also open past normal coffee shop hours, which makes for a great nighttime study spot." — Sophia K.

Weird Brothers Coffee

"I personally love studying at coffee shops, specifically Weird Brothers Coffee in Leesburg. It has a lot of comfy places to sit, free WiFi, and the environment is so cute and unique (plus amazing drinks and food). Although if it's sunny out, you'll catch me laying out in the grass or sitting on the BHC steps getting some sun." — Molly K.

Trinity House Cafe + Market

"Trinity Cafe has got to be one of my favorite places to grab a coffee or sandwich and study. It's nestled away in downtown Leesburg only ten minutes from campus and has a cozy atmosphere. I love to curl up there with my Bible or book with computer work." Beth W.
We love their Smoked Salmon Bagel and the fact that they sell books for $1 dollar! 

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L'Auberge Chez Francois

"My favorite eatery in NOVA is any place where my wife is across the table from me and there’s a fireplace in the corner. For that, I highly recommend L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls for its historic gardens, romantic ambiance, and award-winning eight-course dinner menu…but not for its affordability." — Scott B.
After checking the prices, we do not predict that this will become the next go-to PHC hang-out.


"Favorite place for coffee right now is Dunkin'. Why in the world Dunkin', out of all coffee places? Don't get me wrong, I love good coffee and Dunkin' is nowhere near quality roast coffee. But Dunkin' has great offers for rewards members and has a good price for its quality with a huge variety of flavors while keeping a medium coffee to just over $2 dollars." — Mark S.

Petite Loulou Crêperie

"I love studying at Petite Loulou! The atmosphere is so intricately themed and so unapologetically feminine." — Sarah M.

The Rabbit Hole

"The Rabbit Hole is the cutest spot to eat in Harpers Ferry! Their outdoor space has a great view of the old town, and they're tucked away on the side of an ancient cobblestone street." — Anon.

Out top six favorite places to eat in Loudoun County, northern Virginia

We didn't pick the top six in an exceptionally scientific manner. We didn't create a spreadsheet with detailed metrics or perform advanced statistical analysis. Just our favorite suggestions. Feel free to share your top picks in the comments. Explore the Leesburg historic district


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