The PHC Bucket List: Things You Don’t Want to Miss While Attending PHC

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 3/24/16 11:13 AM

8 Things to do Before Graduating

The top 8 things no student should leave Patrick Henry College without doing. 


1. Take a Hike... Seriously

PHC is surrounded by many amazing places to hike, including Bear’s Den and Raven’s Rock. Go enjoy some of the gorgeous mountainous scenery in Northern Virginia while you study at PHC!

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2. Talk to Your Professors

Sillars with Students

Due to the smaller class sizes at PHC, it is easy for professors to get to know each of their students individually. Professor of Journalism Dr. Sillars hosts a party for journalism students every semester. Professor of History Dr. Favelo plays board games with students in the BHC conference room every weekend. Take the time to get to know the professors here at PHC. They want to get to know you too!

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3. Go on a school trip

Whether a debate tournament or going to Rome with Dr. Favelo for spring break, school trips allow you to get to know other students and faculty better. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend some time off campus with some of your best friends?

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4. Enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.

D.C. is just a drive and a Metro ride away! When the gorgeous pink blossoms bloom in the Spring, take advantage of PHC’s location and go enjoy the flowers!




5. Visit Harper’s Ferry!

Just a state away, in West Virginia, Harper’s Ferry is home to gorgeous scenery, a cute town, and a lovely park. Philip Bunn recommends going at night. “There's nothing cooler than climbing to the top of the rock and looking over the two rivers while a train passes beneath you and the town is lit up and the night breeze is blowing. It's a wonderful experience!”

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6. Dance the night away at the Liberty Ball

Held at a gorgeous country club with a live band, the Liberty Ball is an excellent part of PHC culture. Near the end of the evening, a student will recite the famous Patrick Henry speech– you don’t want to miss it!



7. Go to the games!

Powderpuff Football

Yes, PHC has sports teams! Before you graduate, you’ll want to cheer on the men’s and women’s soccer teams and the basketball team! It’s a great time when the student body can come together and support their fellow students!

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8. Push your limits: try something new

College is a time to discover who you really are. So try something new! Whether it’s joining the PHC debate teams, trying a sport, going to a dance, or meeting with a teacher– put yourself out of your comfort zone and have some fun!



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