PHC Class of 2017: Where Are They Now?

Posted by Evie Fordham on 7/30/18 8:15 AM


Take a look at what the class of 2017 has been up to since graduating!

Savannah Frasier

30729711_10213345824694009_7120776410620231680_n (1)-1-431884-editedMajorHistory with a minor in Biblical Studies.

Hometown: Asheville, NC.

What I'm up to now: I'm living in the D.C. area and working as Press Secretary for Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado's 5th congressional district.

What’s one thing you miss about Patrick Henry College?  I miss the history and biblical studies classes I invested most of my time into. The professors who taught those classes made all the studying and test-taking worthwhile because they taught each topic with excellence. Everything I learned under their care has been extremely valuable not only in my professional career but in my personal faith as a believer.


Mike Dingman

Mike DingmanMajor: American Politics & Policy.

Hometown: Camarillo, CA

What I'm up to nowI'm studying at the University of Virginia School of Law.

What’s one thing you miss about Patrick Henry College?  The community.  It's partially the friends I made there, but it's also how easy it was to talk to people, how I knew everyone, that sort of thing. When you're a grad student at a large university, it's just different.


Giovanna Lastra

Giovanna LastraMajorInternational Politics and Policy with a minor in Journalism.

Hometown: Dallas, TX.

What I'm up to now: I am currently an Admissions Counselor here at PHC.

What’s one thing you miss about Patrick Henry College?   I really miss dorm life! There is something unique about living in community in a dorm. I loved serving as an RA to a wing of girls. It brought me so much joy and as strange as it sounds... I miss the lack of privacy. I remember doing my makeup in the morning before classes and girls waltzing in to my room to grab coffee before class and talk to me as I was getting ready. The sense of community in dorm life surrounds you with love. The experience is one I cherish!


Will McManus

Major: History.mcmanus

Hometown: Sparta, TN.

What I'm up to now: I'm studying law at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. I'm concentrating my study on corporate and tech law.

What’s one thing you miss about Patrick Henry College?  The conversations with other students. It's very rare you find anyone willing to engage as deeply and meaningfully as the people at PHC. It's truly a unique environment there in that respect.


Abby Osborne

Major: Classical Liberal Arts

Hometown: Peachtree City, GA

Current Career & Course of Study: English Language Arts teacher at TLC International School Dongguan, China / beginning my MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University this summer.

What I miss most: The community. There is none like it literally anywhere else in the world.


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