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Major In History

I’ve learned about objectivity in thought, world philosophies, and revolutions, all the while strengthening my writing, researching, and communication skills.
—Savannah Petree, '17
Patrick Henry College History Student


The Program

Our history classes lead students to think Christianly about history. However, this is much more than merely a “history thing.” It helps students to think Christianly about all kinds of things, whether history-related or not. Thus thinking Christianly about history is really about nurturing a healthy Christian worldview.

The college will challenge students who major in history to master the tools of first-class scholarship, to analyze historical topics in depth, and to defend their conclusions with rigor and intellectual honesty.

All History majors are required to take core courses in U.S. history, the history of Western civilization, and the philosophy and methodology of history. For students interested in historical topics outside of the U.S. and the West, there are electives in the history of Russia, China and the Middle East. We also offer history electives on thematic topics like Islam. In the senior year, a major project caps a History major’s curriculum:  a year-long senior thesis based upon primary source research.


“If you do what I do for a living—if you’re a Christian and a college professor—PHC is the Promised Land. My students are smart, but more than that they are curious and want to learn. They make it possible for me to teach via Socratic Method; I couldn’t do that at my previous college positions. My students are also fabulously kind to me, so much so that I end up regarding them as both friends and partners in the academic process."
—Dr. Robert Spinney

Recommended Courses and Course Sequence for History Majors

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