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Minor in History


The History minor offers students the opportunity to enrich their education with the discipline of history.  Students emerge from the History minor thoroughly trained in research methods, historiography, and the histories of a variety of eras and locales.  They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, art history, classics, music, philosophy, and political theory.

Learning Objectives for the History Minor

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective historical research and writing skills.

  • Analyze events in light of their historical background.

  • Apply the biblical worldview to the study of history.

History Minor Requirements (18 credits)

HIS373 Historical Research Methods
HIS383 Historiography

HAE/HCl/HIS/HSS***  History Electives (12 credits, 300+)

*No more than 4 credits of HIS470, 480, or 494 may be applied to the History Minor

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