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Leadership: Both Small and Great

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 1/23/17 9:30 AM

“Lead the nation, shape the culture!”

“Do something GREAT!”

“Be the best you that you can possibly be!”

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What is It Like to Have Siblings at College?

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 12/12/16 9:30 AM

Siblings are those who know us the best; the ones with whom we share bedrooms, wardrobes, mealtimes, and holidays for our entire lives. When we leave home to go to college, we usually leave our...

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Lies That College Students Tell Themselves

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 11/22/16 11:18 AM

Whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you tell yourself things that you keep hoping will come to fruition... but you know deep down they will never actually be true.

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An Open Letter to High School Students: Owning Your Faith

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 11/8/16 9:30 AM

Dear High School Student,

Your routine is so familiar it seems trite. You wake up early on Sunday mornings, grab a rushed breakfast, try to find shoes that match your outfit, help your younger...

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The Twenty-Two Stages of Paper Writing

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 10/22/16 10:00 AM

Whether you're in middle school, high school, college, or grad school, paper writing never really gets any easier. Sure, your writing style improves over time, but the methodology tends to remain...

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5 Tips to Set You Apart from Other High School Students

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 10/10/16 10:00 AM

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the last years of high school! This is a huge accomplishment, so don’t forget to take some time and celebrate all the milestones you’ve conquered so far.

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An Open Letter: Surviving the First Weeks of School

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 9/13/16 9:30 AM

Dear College Student, 

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, the first few weeks of school can be terrifying. As a freshman, you’re still figuring out this whole “college...

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Dorm Room Tips and Tricks

Posted by Rebekah Jorgensen on 9/4/16 10:30 AM

When the words "dorm room" are mentioned, most people instantly picture cinderblock walls, cold floors, and sparse decor. However, while this is the most utilitarian approach to a temporary home,...

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