High School Students, This Is How You Ace Writing Assignments

Posted by Evie Fordham on 4/20/18 9:00 AM

 ace your writing assignments

We've rounded up the best advice on crushing your high school writing assignments.

Check out these posts to help you conquer writer's block and more. Your English grades will thank you!


1. The 8 Steps of Writing a Killer Paper.

Writing tipsAre you staring at a blank Word document, waiting for inspiration to strike you? Is a deadline looming over your head?

Check out this essential step-by-step of writing a paper to get yourself started.

Go one step at a time, and you'll be turning in a paper you can be proud of with as little stress as possible.

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2. Got a Tough Teacher? This Is How to Get an A.

Write a killer paperWe talked to professors at Patrick Henry College and asked them what characteristics make a great writer. This tips will help you develop more confidence in your writing, no matter what college application essay or history research paper comes your way. Did we mention the post has a handy checklist at the end?

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3. Great Writers Are Also Readers, So Read These Books.

What to read nextReading challenging books in high school is a great way to prepare yourself for higher education. Here's a list of books that impacted Patrick Henry College students when they read them in high school. We are sure you will find a few that will keep you turning pages as you get college ready! 

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4. If You're Writing College Apps, We Can Help.

College application tipsThere IS a college for you.

There IS a perfect job for your unique skill set, and your life DOES have purpose and meaning.

With that in mind,  there are five things that you can be doing right now to streamline your college application process and make you as appealing a candidate as you can possibly be.

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5. Want to Write Narratives? Check This Out.

Narrative writing - why to do it!Whether you’re interested in writing essays, becoming a journalist, or studying literature, learning about narrative writing can help you in many diferent ways.

Did you know that narrative writing will help hone your writing skills for many different genres? Learning how to structure a story will help you artfully craft essays.

Here are more reasons to learn about narrative writing! Click here to read.



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