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Public Speaking Teen Camp

July 23rd, 2014

Patrick Henry College
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Campers and Counselors pose by the Washington Monument

After a week-long hiatus, PHC’s Teen Leadership Camps resumed with Public Speaking Camp taught by Ethos Publications. While past years’ focused on speaking competitively, this year’s camp centered around the outreach component of speaking, as well as appealing to all skill levels.  

During the camp, kids learned what it means to speak clearly and speak well through studying the examples of great orators like Martin Luther King and JFK. Campers were assigned to write their own speeches at the beginning of the week and had to deliver them before a panel of counselors on the last day of camp. They were judged on criteria like how well they spoke and how clear their message was. On their field trip to Washington D.C., they visited monuments, and practiced delivering speeches.

Teen Camp Counselor and PHC Junior Kyle Snyder enjoyed judging the speeches, because he received a front-row seat to what the campers were passionate about and how they had improved over the week. He noted that the camp was largely split into two groups of people – the first being kids wanting to improve their speaking skills in order to assist them in their high school debate league, and the second being campers wanting to pursue politics in the future, and hoping to boost their oratory abilities.

“Public Speaking was truly a special camp for us as a counselor team,” said Teen Camps Director Stephen Williams, “Because it was a smaller camp, we had the opportunity to make deeper investments of time with the individual campers – investments which, by the grace of God, yielded some tremendously fruitful times of conversation and prayer.”