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Sarah Cavicchi - The Importance of Local Impact

June 9th, 2014

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When she was fourteen years old, Sarah Cavicchi (American Politics and Policy, December 2014) signed up for Generation Joshua (a civics group for teenagers) and started working on her first political campaign. It was during the Presidential elections in 2008, and it was her first taste of politics. Over and over, she knew the Lord was telling her: Even though you are young, you are called to stand up for what you believe in. Throughout the rest of high school, she continued her campaign work, even inspiring her very non-political parents to become more involved in politics.


Sarah speaking at a
"Frank Wolf for Congress" rally, 2010


Patrick Henry College was the only school she applied to. Having grown up near it, she had wanted to attend since the school’s infancy. She arrived on campus with ambitious dreams: she would not get married and would end up on Capitol Hill. During her time at PHC, her dreams shifted towards affecting the culture directly around her in a drastically different way than she imagined – she got married while still a student and is primarily focused on local politics.

“PHC has taught me that life is not about changing the world in the way most people think of changing the world,” she said. “The biggest impact you can make is on a local level – through your family and through the church. [This view] affected how I saw people too. Instead of looking at them as tools to climb up that political ladder, you’re looking at them as individuals who need Christ.”

She has developed a deep appreciation toward local politics and believes that before change can happen on a national level, it must first be fostered on a local level.

During her freshman year, she joined PHC’s College Republicans (CR) club and became vice chair; soon after, both in her sophomore and junior year, she was chairman of the club. College Republicans gave her the opportunity to continue her political activism throughout college, something for which she was very thankful. She was able to work on local races, participate in voter registration drives on campus, encourage people to vote via absentee ballot during the presidential election, and help elect the current Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Under her leadership, PHC’s College Republicans club became the third largest CR club in the state, with almost 120 students involved.


Sarah and Tony Cavicchi

This summer, she is interning for Supervisor Geary Higgins on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. He supervises a rural district and receives many questions regarding zoning and rural roads. Cavicchi helps by organizing the office, working on social media, and writing for them – all things that the staff is often too busy to do.

Through her internship, she is realizing that elected officials must make sure their beliefs and values guide every decision they make. She appreciates that Supervisor Higgins relies heavily on constituent input by asking people to email him with their opinions. He seeks to know what the people directly affected by the decision want.

Cavicchi has enjoyed watching tiny things that most people would assume can’t be changed, actually be changed. Her office recently received a call from a lady whose gravel road got washed away by the rain. She and some of the staff headed to the lady’s house, took pictures, and a few days later fixed the road.

Cavicchi is also interning for the Loudoun County Republican Committee as the executive assistant. She writes the agenda and corresponds with the people on the executive committee.

Next on her agenda is an 18 credit semester in the fall, in order to graduate early. After that, she is would love to stay in the area and continue working on local politics, but is willing to seeing where the Lord leads her. Both she and her husband Tony are open to either of them running for office in the future.