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Student and Alumnus Discuss UVA Tragedy on Radio

May 11th, 2010

By Sarah Pride

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
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Chris Beach (L) records PHC's "Soundboard Radio" with now-alumni Angelise Anderson and Paul David Paratore

As an Associate Producer for Bill Bennett's radio show Morning in America, Patrick Henry College senior Christopher Beach occasionally finds the opportunity to add his voice to a morning's discussion. Recently, Mr. Bennett invited new employee Nathan Martin, a PHC alumnus, to speak up as well. In a discussion concerning tragic shootings at the University of Virginia, Martin remarked how his four years at PHC challenged him to a standard of educational and moral excellence. Listen to audio.

Following up, Beach wrote an insightful blog post that was linked to by National Review and the Family Research Council. Together, Beach and Martin have added an empathic and truthful viewpoint to the ongoing discussion of what higher education should be. Read blog post.

Blog excerpt:

In less than two weeks from today I will graduate from Patrick Henry College and finish four years of my undergraduate. Looking back, I can remember a lot of the typical college experiences– late night studying, spring break road trips, and nights out with your friends. I’m fortunate to say that I was never involved or associated in one particular college trend in all of my four years – violence or murder.