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New Executive VP to Oversee PHC's Growth

November 24th, 2009

Carl Schreiber to assume Executive VP post at PHC
Embracing yet another major assignment in an already accomplished career in higher education, Carl W. Schreiber has accepted a position as Executive Vice President with Patrick Henry College.

“This is going to be exciting, it’s going to be fun,” Mr. Schreiber said shortly after accepting the position in late November. “I will get up in the morning looking forward to going to work with a different kind of purpose than I now have.”

In that spirit, beginning in the spring of 2010 Mr. Schreiber will leave a rewarding position at Biola University, located in the southern California City of La Mirada, having served there for 22 years as Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs. He and his wife Marsha will leave behind two daughters and five grandchildren and travel 3000 miles to northern Virginia to assume a prominent role in helping the College, as he says, “take its next steps” as an institution.

Biola is regarded as one of the nation’s largest, most successful Christian colleges, with 5,900 students spanning undergraduate and graduate levels. At Biola, Mr. Schreiber manages the university’s annual operating budget of $148 million and leads all the financial and business operations of the institution. Earlier, Mr. Schreiber worked with Dr. Jerry Falwell at Liberty University, where his service as Vice President for Planning supported that university’s dramatic growth and expansion.  Before that, he served as the central financial officer for the multiple-campus system of Pennsylvania State University.

“Mr. Schreiber’s financial experience and administrative acumen make his appointment an extraordinary blessing for Patrick Henry College—and perhaps, from a worldly perspective, a surprising blessing for a college of our relative youth and relatively small size,” says PHC President Dr. Graham Walker. As Executive Vice President at PHC, Dr. Walker explains, Mr. Schreiber will oversee all business and fiscal-related operations of the College, as well as supervise finance, accounting, human resources, campus operations, information technology, admissions, and financial aid.

“In simple terms,” Dr. Walker notes, “he will be responsible for almost all of the operations of the College apart from academic affairs, student life, and fundraising.”

That such an accomplished executive in Christian higher education would leave a secure position at an established university for a much smaller college entering only its tenth year came as a shock not only at Biola -- where Mr. Schreiber concedes his colleagues are still graciously grappling with the implications of losing a leader who stewarded over two decades of startling growth and fiscal vitality – but, in ways he still finds difficult to describe, to himself.

“I’ve been asked that question a lot, and I don’t know that I can sum it up in a pithy quote,” he allows. “It’s really no single thing; I wasn’t looking for a job. I had reached a point in my career that I thought Biola would be the place I retired. But I developed a very quick affinity for PHC, its people, and what I see as its wonderful potential to influence the culture through its graduates impacting the global arena. I find it exciting to be a part of something like that at this point in my career.”

Mr. Schreiber’s first contact with Patrick Henry College and its unique mission came in 2007 during PHC’s bid for national accreditation. He had been serving as a “peer reviewer” for the TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) review team that inspected and assessed the College from top to bottom. More recently he has served, at Dr. Walker’s request, as a consultant for the College, helping to formulate a long-range financial model presented at the recent Board of Trustees meeting in October. It was through this work and subsequent visits that Mr. Schreiber says he caught both the vision and the spirit of the College.

“I had the opportunity to meet the folks at PHC during those initial visits (with TRACS),” he recalls, “and something seemed to resonate. It reminded me very much of Liberty University when I arrived there back in 1979. Liberty wanted to move from more of a Bible college kind of persona to become more nationally recognized, with a broader audience, aspiring to gain respectability and credibility in the faith-based, higher-ed Christian market. They really wanted to ramp up and enlarge their audience, and at that point accreditation became a very important issue.”

On this latter point, Dr. Walker confirms that Mr. Schreiber’s experience will prove invaluable as PHC prepares for eventual regional accreditation with SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

“In his years at Liberty University,” he reports, “Mr. Schreiber interacted extensively with Liberty’s successful SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation process. Since joining Biola, he has been active in the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and has served as a lead officer on WASC visiting teams to other colleges and universities.”

Until recently, Mr. Schreiber was a member of the governing commission of TRACS, and he is well known among financial officers at Christian colleges around the country, having chaired the Commission for Chief Financial Officers of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).  In all these circles, Dr. Walker says, “he is known as a consummate professional who has earned the respect of peers at all levels.”

Mr. Schreiber holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University and earned an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Liberty University.  He also holds a Certificate in Management Accounting (CMA) from the Institute of Management Accounting.

“Along with Dr. Veith, he will be my indispensable right hand during the crucial years ahead,” Dr. Walker continues. “During these years PHC will establish itself even more strongly as a Biblically faithful, intellectually serious, and fiscally robust institution, poised to become a long-term leader in American higher education.”

On these points, Mr. Schreiber says simply, “I’m eager to follow the Lord’s call to come to PHC. My contribution, I hope, will have a greater impact there than it might at any other place. The thought of being part of team that is, almost on a daily basis, plowing new ground, growing in enrollment, growing in influence, growing in greater visibility every day, is something that gives me great excitement.”

In addition to helping the College navigate the complexities of regional accreditation, Mr. Schreiber says he sees himself, among other things, further solidifying PHC’s financial base, helping to “strengthen and undergird programs already in place,” perhaps setting the stage for new academic majors, promoting the physical growth of the College as enrollment grows, and working with the IT (information technology) department to establish a “multi-platform, on-line campus.”

The Schreibers ask for prayer as they begin to deal with the logistical and emotional challenges of uprooting themselves from more than two rich decades of life in southern California. While they leave behind children and grandchildren “who have given us permission with great blessing to do what the Lord is calling us to do,” they find themselves cheerfully relocating to an eastern seaboard, where they both grew up and where both have sizeable immediate and extended families.

“My parents live in a retirement community in New Jersey, and Marsha’s mother lives in Pennsylvania. My siblings all live in Pennsylvania and were excited to hear that their wayward brother was finally coming back from the Left Coast,” he adds with a chuckle.

An educator herself, Mrs. Schreiber holds an M.S.N in Nursing as a clinical nurse specialist with Board Certification (BC) in College Health Nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).  She is currently licensed in three states—Pennsylvania, Virginia and California—to practice her profession.  She developed and for many years directed Biola University’s Health Center, a full-service health facility serving the entire university community.  They are active at Irvine Community Church in Irvine, California.

Carl Schreiber will begin his services as Executive Vice President approximately March 1st.