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Read the Essay: The Deep, Deep Dive of Reading Classical Literature

Posted by Harvest Prude on 6/11/18 9:30 AM

Want to know why you should read the classics? Here’s some facts:

Reading can broaden your vocabulary (and boost those SAT scores), strengthen your emotional intelligence and social perception, ...

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Why Remember the Past? Plus 5 Memorials You Didn't Know Existed!

Posted by Harvest Prude on 5/28/18 11:30 AM

Our nation’s capital is a trove of homages to the past; just 68.34 square miles of real estate hosts over 160+ monuments and memorials, from memorials like the Lincoln Memorial, immortalized in...

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Au Revoir Studying, Bonjour Music!

Posted by Harvest Prude on 10/30/15 10:16 AM

It was Friday night, and campus was quiet. Many students were locked away in their dorms, studying. But one part of campus was lit up with lights, roses, and music. Inside the lobby of the Barbara...

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