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Ruling opens up tax benefits to PHC parents

July 18th, 2005

CONTACT: Michael Kiser
Patrick Henry College
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PURCELLVILLE, VA – On June 30, 2005, Patrick Henry College was determined by the United States Department of Education (DOE) to be eligible to participate in DOE programs. This designation means that PHC parents and students can now take advantage of many of the benefits built into the current tax code – including savings incentives, deductions and tax credits. More information on the issue is available here.

"This places us on an equal footing with the vast majority of other colleges in the nation and will save many of our students and parents thousands of dollars," said Vic Thompson, PHC's executive vice-president.

Thompson also stressed that while the College is now an eligible institution, it has not entered into an actual participation agreement with the DOE. "That distinction means that while we can offer these tax advantages to our families," Thompson added, "we continue to maintain our financial independence."

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