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Thank you for your interest in Patrick Henry College! Patrick Henry’s mission is to train Christian men and women who will lead the nation and shape the culture, by providing an academically excellent baccalaureate level higher education with a biblical worldview. In line with this vision, we welcome applications from students who have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and who are well prepared for our rigorous academic programs. The Admissions Review Committee is looking for students who are spiritually and academically prepared for PHC and who are excited about joining a community committed to developing their gifts and serving wherever God leads.


The degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking sections below include detailed instructions, deadlines, explanations of application materials, and other information designed to help you throughout the entire admissions process. Our admissions staff is eager to answer any questions you have about the College as you complete your application!



A degree-seeking student is fully admitted to Patrick Henry College and is working toward the completion of a degree.

A non-degree-seeking student has been approved to take courses on-campus, but is not fully admitted to the degree-seeking program.