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The Convention of States Project Announces First Scholarship Contest

December 20th, 2013

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 441-8722

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The Convention of States Project is pleased to announce its first ever scholarship contest!

Enter your video or graphic for a chance to win $250 in our monthly contest and be eligible to enter your creation in our final $7,500 scholarship round in April.  Plus, if you choose to attend Patrick Henry College, we’ll sweeten the deal—if the winning student attends PHC, he or she will receive a $10,000 scholarship!

Don’t think you can win?  Think again.  You have four chances to win every month!

For more information and contest rules, go to conventionofstates.com/cos-scholarship-contest-0

Being a kid is tough.  Between school, sports, friends, pimples, and dating, the average American teenager has quite a bit on his or her mind.  

But here’s something that probably isn’t on their minds: the national debt.  Unfortunately, the national debt will prove to be a much heavier burden than any textbook or assignment.  Congress, it seems, hasn’t learned the most basic economic lesson: money isn’t free.  (In the words of the proverbial Valley Girl, “Like, duh.”)  Someone, somewhere along the line, is going to have to pay for what Congress spends.  That person?  The high school kid walking to the bus stop, already staggering under the weight of expectations, uncertainty, their backpack, and how to ask Emma to the dance.

But talk is cheap.  It’s one thing to bemoan the plight of future generations of taxpayers; it’s another thing to do something to help.  The COS Project wants to put our money where our mouth is.  That’s why we’re launching the COS Project Scholarship Contest!  We want to let folks know about America’s last, best chance to save the next generation from economic hardship—and give that generation a helping hand while we’re at it.

Toward that end, we’re hosting a video and graphic contest in which young people can win $250 monthly prizes and have a shot at winning a $7,500 scholarship (or a $10,000 scholarship if they choose to attend PHC!).  The contest will kick off on January 1, 2014, so get those project going!
You can find more details here, and you can email us at info@conventionofstates.com if you have any questions.