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PHC Welcomes Christian Advisor to Campus

August 26th, 2013

By Noelle Garnier

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Patrick Henry College
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Tim and Jennifer Gosselin

Christian advisor Tim Gosselin will begin providing weekly office hours on campus next week and will be available by appointment on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Gosselin, husband of adjunct music professor Jennifer Gosselin, recently completed his degree in Biblical Counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary and participated in a 9-month internship at the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. For the past year, he has provided counseling at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, the parent church of Sterling Park Baptist Church.

After Gosselin married the former Prof. Jackson last September, he learned that students were interested in having an advisor on campus and discussed the possibility with Dean Sandra Corbitt. While Corbitt had spoken to various local Christian counselors about providing office hours on campus one day a week, few well-established counselors had a day free. Gosselin, who had recently finished his counseling program, was a perfect match for the position.

“My [present] vision for counseling at PHC is simply that students would know they don’t have to face the challenges of life alone ... that students would come to me as a resource. I hope to be a helpful addition and aid to the care and development of students at PHC,” Gosselin said.

Gosselin’s biblical advising centers around building relationships and finding scripture-based solutions. “[The] Christ-centered view of human life as found in Scriptures … takes seriously the physical, social, and developmental nature of our difficulties,” Gosselin said.

His approach includes listening carefully, helping students hear their own words, searching Scripture, praying, and strategizing. “My counsel will not be that of self-reliance, but rather, dependence upon God. More powerful than my presence is the presence of God. Scripture writes a story of hope, that by God’s grace, the Christian can adopt this story as his or her own,” Gosselin said.

Gosselin will not release a student’s personal information to Student Life or any other party, except in extenuating circumstances such as a legal requirement or an expressed intention to harm oneself or others. “I am very sensitive to the issue of confidentiality. To release information without a student’s consent would violate both biblical standards and commonly accepted codes of counseling ethics,” Gosselin said.

He hopes to help any student willing to meet with him, male or female. His office hours will be in the Student Life suite, next to Dean Corbitt’s office. Student Life maintains access to Gosselin’s appointment schedule, and a student may invite a “student advocate” to accompany him or her to the session if they desire. Students are not required to answer any questions and may finish a session whenever they wish. Gosselin is not a psychiatrist and cannot prescribe medication for anxiety, depression, or related issues, but Student Life can provide referrals to students seeking such services. For a list of referrals, see the bulletin board in the Student Life office suite.

Gosselin will be at PHC next Tuesday, August 27 in the health office. To schedule an appointment, email tgosselin@ccef. org or see Dean Corbitt.