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Presidency Camp: Recap and Photos

July 22nd, 2013

By Alicia Constant

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Presidency Camp concluded with a press conference where a team of students presented their administration's response to crisis. Photo credit: Alicia Constant

Students at last week’s Presidency Camp enjoyed a week full of hands-on learning opportunities. From dynamic class sessions with Dr. Michael Haynes, to a field trip to Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, campers enjoyed a fun-filled week.

“I loved the people and the learning experience here. I was challenged not only by the learning environment, but by my peers, and it was spiritually challenging,” said Sarah Griffiths, a camper from Ohio. “I think the biggest thing I’ll take away is that you never stop learning, and it’s awesome and humbling in a very exciting way.”

The week culminated in a press conference. Teams of campers had been assigned theoretical crisis scenarios, and each team had to research, craft, and present their administration’s response.

“I was impressed with the way that the presidency folks put wonderful preparation into the press conference. They really ran a tight ship,” camp director Stephen Williams said.

Dr. Haynes said the best part of his week were the campers. “Their energy, independent research, and the way their teams were cohesive automatically—the competition was fun and friendly, and their personalities made it quite pleasant,” he said. “They were the best group I’ve ever had.”