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Registration for PHC's Teen Summer Leadership Camps is Now Open!

February 25th, 2013

By Chelsea Rankin

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Teen Camp counselors during the summer of 2012

Registration for PHC’s summer teen leadership camps is open! Teen Camps is bringing back several old favorites, including Strategic Intelligence Camp and Debate Camp. Also scheduled are two new camps: Presidency Camp with PHC Government Professor Dr. Michael Haynes, and Speech Camp, led by Ethos Publications. Closing out the summer is a revamped version of Leadership and Vocation Camp, headlined by PHC’s Provost, Dr. Gene Edward Veith. The Camp dates are, as follows:

June 9-15: Strategic Intelligence Camp with SI Graduate Evan Johnson
June 16-22: History Camp, “The Founding Fathers and the Classical Tradition” with PHC History Professor Dr. Douglas Favelo
June 16-29: Mock Trial Camp with PHC Academic Dean, Government Professor, and Mock Trial Coach Dr. Frank Guliuzza
July 7-13: Speech Camp, led by Ethos Publications
July 14-27: Debate Camp, led by Ethos Publications
July 14-20: Presidency Camp with PHC Government Professor Dr. Michael Haynes
July 21-27: Leadership and Vocation Camp with PHC Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith

Teen Camps Director Stephen Williams wants this summer to be one of intentionality, from the preparation process to the execution of the camps. During the months before teen camps, he and the counselors are focusing on bathing the summer in prayer.

“Teen Camps provide a really crucial turning point for the campers, spiritually, academically, and professionally,” Williams says. “Some kids meet Jesus for the first time, while others deepen their relationship with God. The campers will make life-long connections with those they attend camp with.”

He is humbled by the way lives are touched each summer and has adopted a “serious attitude” toward preparations.

Teen Camps’ head male counselor Tait Deems has been a counselor for the past two summers and says it is the most fun he has ever had. He believes God is going to show up in a powerful way this summer, and is expecting Him to do new and great things.

Teen Camp counselors during the summer of 2012

“Each year Teen Camps have been filled with the spirit,” Deems says. “It is very much a powerful time, for both counselors and campers. Campers have always been challenged to grow in the earnestness of their walk with Christ and in their ability to relate to other kids. Their leadership ability and their ability to follow grow as well.”

Deems’ hope for the summer is that it continues to be as powerful as it has been in previous summers.

“I want the campers to feel loved,” he says.

Laura Fennig, Teen Camps’ head female counselor, is expecting lives to be changed this summer. After working as a counselor for the past two summers, she says that the transformation of lives is inevitable.  

“Working Teen Camps has taught me how much the widest variety of people struggle with the widest variety of things that they never talk about,” she said. “It’s easy to walk through life with your eyes blinded to the struggles going on around you. When someone has been willing to open up to me in that way, I take it as a pretty incredible responsibility. It’s been awesome to listen to and minister campers during times of struggling.”

She describes Teen Camps as a time of relationship.

“Students from all over the country are able to come together – often with very similar interests and a range of religious backgrounds – and build a deeper relationship with Christ,” Fennig said. “Teen Camps is filled with solid relationships, a lot of fun, and learning opportunities that you don’t find other places.”

Be sure to visit Teen Camps’ new Facebook page for more updates, including detailed camp descriptions, ongoing introductions to camp speakers, and the 2013 counselor team.