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Weinmeister-Sosebee Ticket Narrowly Prevails

May 7th, 2009

by Sarah Pride

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 338-8727

Jeffrey Weinmeister and Kirk Sosebee were elected by a narrow, eight-vote margin

In a close vote on May 1, the Patrick Henry College student body elected its new President and Vice President. With a margin of only eight votes, the ticket of Jeffrey Weinmeister and Kirk Sosebee narrowly defeated Joseph Alm and Rachel Heflin by a tally of 132 to 124. Dean of Student Affairs, Sandra K. Corbitt, expressed "thanks to the 256 out of 286 students who voted."

Jeffrey Weinmeister, a junior and a History major, will serve as the new President and head executive for the students, acting as their representative in official College meetings. Kirk Sosebee, a Government: American Politics & Policy major who is also a junior, will oversee meetings of the Student Senate as the new Vice President. Together, the two have a vision for encouraging their fellow students in the qualities of selfless love and service.

“No matter what we accomplish in the world, if we are not filled with the love of Christ, it is all vanity,” says Weinmeister.

In the past, PHC’s student government has served as a primary vehicle for working through issues such as the Honor Code, ultimately moving it under the purview of the students themselves. Having settled that question last year, former student body president Justin Jenkins helped nudge the Student Senate toward a long-term goal of service. Weinmeister says he hopes to introduce an executive cabinet that will give the president more “arms” to arrange activities and otherwise provide for the needs of a maturing student body.

“Rather than just being a mouthpiece,” Weinmeister says, “I want to improve our student government so it actually does something to help others. If I could tell my fellow students one thing, I would wish that we could all take more time to invest in other people, loving sacrificially, so that service becomes a habit for life.”

Weinmeister and Sosebee were officially sworn into office during the last chapel service of the spring 2009 semester. They will take up their duties in the fall.