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Eden Troupe's Twelfth Night to Play May 1-3

March 13th, 2009

By Sarah Pride

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 338-8727

Aidan Grano (R) rehearses for Leave it to Psmith, EdenTroupe's spring 2008 production.

Eden Troupe, PHC’s student-run drama group, is delighted to present Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night this semester from May 1-3. This great tale will unroll in traditional language, but in a most untraditional setting—the street between two playhouses in New York City.

“This is the great challenge of restaging Shakespeare,” says Aidan Grano, PHC junior and veteran of six Eden Troupe plays. “You want to keep the original language, and yet it has to make sense in a completely different setting.”

Grano is directing the play with Stephanie McGill, a sophomore who formerly intended to major in drama, but who chose to attend PHC instead. She participated in plays in her homeschool group growing up and won awards at summer drama camps.

“Drama represents truth in a way that connects with people,” McGill says. “Christians can produce any kind of play in a way that illustrates truths we all need to know.”

Grano agrees about the great potential of Christian drama. As he puts it, “Drama lets us step out of our daily lives and observe the truth and falsehood of the same choices we make, acted out in others’ lives. In judging them, we judge ourselves. Also, it is a fun activity that allows us to exercise our God-given creativity.”

Check back soon for information on purchasing tickets.