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Posted by Trinity Klomparens on 1/23/24 3:58 PM

PHC marches for life

On January 19, more than 40 students at Patrick Henry College stood on the icy steps outside the Barbara Hodel Center bundled in coats, scarves, and gloves. Although the weather was freezing, their energy was golden. The students laughed and talked while waiting to board the parade of cars that lined the snowy banks of the “Farris wheel” in front of them. They were heading to Washington, D.C., that morning, all with one goal in mind: to march for the sanctity of life.

Creating a culture of light and life videoIt has been a year-and-a-half since the release of the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization—since the states reclaimed legislative power on the abortion issue. For the pro-life community at PHC, the job is not done. In their eyes, Dobbs was a victory, but not the final victory. 

March for Life 2024

So, the group made the hour-long drive to D.C. in the ice, wind, and snow, and gathered on the National Mall, between the Washington Monument and the Capitol. The organizers for the March for Life set up a large stage where pro-life speakers could pray and teach, give testimonies and sermons, and educate and empower women and men.

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Freshman Evelyn Elliott attended The March because "abortion hasn't been eradicated yet." Although she does not think that it ever will be completely eradicated, she thinks that standing up against abortion is important for education. "I think it's important to bring awareness to that through marching and by showing others who might not have as much education about this that there is still this evil out there that we care about eradicating," she said.

March for Life 2024

After an hour of hearing from a wide range of speakers, from Orthodox bishops to Washington senators to Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, the students joined the massive crowd and poured into the city’s streets. As they marched passed the legislative building toward the Supreme Court of the United States, members of the crowd held signs, repeated pro-life chants, and sang hymns. A majority of the crowd was identifiably Christian. Overwhelming joy filled D.C.’s streets.

March for Life 2024

Junior Hope Poteat also attended The March. "We had a lot of people show up even in the snow and in the cold, which really shows people's determination and commitment to trying to save the unborn. That is why we march: to show people that abortion is unjust," she said.

Learn about our conviction to defend the unborn

PHC is not only set apart from other Christian colleges by its academic rigor, strong strategic intelligence program, and debate champions, but also by the incredible love that the students have for the unborn. May the campus not lose that momentum—that love for life.

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