5 Reasons You Can't Beat Teen Leadership Camp Community

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 1/10/20 10:15 AM

Teen Leadership Community

If you are a high school student, you may like to make friends with people who will challenge you, shape your beliefs, and help you grow closer to God. At Patrick Henry College’s Teen Leadership Camps, you’ll meet other high school students from around the country who are passionate about academics, leadership, and their faith. You’ll make friends with people and learn more about yourself in the process.

1. Living with Wingmates

At Teen Camps, you’ll live in the spacious dorms with fellow campers and your counselors. You’ll have 1 to 3 roommates and several neighbors down the hall. These fellow campers, along with your counselor and your brother or sister wing, will comprise your team for camps. You’ll sit with them at meals, rely on them to gain points during cleaning inspections and group games, and get to know them as good friends. On Tuesday and Thursday you’ll have a wing bible study that will help you grow closer to the campers living with you.

2. Group Games

Whether you’re playing Counselor Clue, Capture the Flag, or trying to find counselors hidden on campus during the Counselor Hunt, you’ll depend on your teammates for assistance and support. Without the ingenuity of your fellow campers, you’ll have no way to win games.  You do your best by working together to gain points! 

3. Christ-Centeredness

At camps, the spiritually rich lectures you’ll hear, in addition to chapel, lend themselves to deep thought and application. What better way to help yourself absorb the material than to discuss it with your counselors, wing mates, and roommates? Each of you will hear the same material but have different ideas about how to apply it to your life. By hearing what your counselor or friends thought about the material, you’ll be able to gain a better appreciation for the lessons you’ve learned during your time at camp.

4. College Prep

At college you’ll live with a fellow students who attend the same classes, eat in the same dining hall, and live on the same campus as you. Most high school students will not have experienced this type of commonality until they move to college as a freshman. Attending Teen Leadership Camps gives you a taste of what campus life is like at Patrick Henry College.

5. Lasting Friendships

The friendships that you create during Teen Leadership Camps are so strong you’ll want to keep in touch with people long after your time at camp is over. Your shared experience with fellow campers will create memories that last a lifetime. Years from now, you and your Teen Camps friends might be laughing over something someone said in a final debate round or the events of the Strategic Intelligence Camp’s Crisis Management Exercise. There’s nothing quite like Moot Court arguments to draw people together!


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