Meet the 2024 men PHC Teen Camp counselors!

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 6/20/24 8:40 AM

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PHC's Teen Leadership Camps start this week! Get to know the male counselors below. We asked them about the reason they're excited for PHC Teen Camps, their favorite hobbies, and the scariest thing they've done.

Will Atchley

PHC Teen Camps: I’m most looking forward to the wing chapels and getting to know the wing!

Hobbies: Playing classical guitar and piano have been my biggest hobbies, and I loved being able to teach music for a while in high school too.

The scariest thing: I don’t know if I’ve done anything too scary, but one time I almost got run over by an Amish buggy when the horses got spooked, which was pretty scary.

Meet the 2024 Women's Teen Camp Counselors

Finn Buck

PHC Teen Camps: I'm excited for service and ministry to be my full-time job. The last time I did teen camps, this experience humbled me.

Hobbies: I enjoy playing and writing songs, reading books on philosophy and theology, and talking with good friends.

The scariest thing: I smashed a hornet's nest with a baseball bat once.

Isaac Cullum

PHC Teen Camps: I'm looking forward to the fun environment created by having so many different campers. Hopefully, people can grow and learn throughout the week and have a fun time throughout.

Hobbies: A few of my favorite hobbies include playing music, baseball, disc golf, and swing dancing.

The scariest thing: The scariest thing I've ever done is probably swimming in a Florida lake. You have no clue if a gator is right underneath you...

Evan Lopez

PHC Teen Camps: I'm most looking forward to meeting so many people and learning their stories!

Hobbies: I'm passionate about teaching, especially when it comes to coaching speech and debate.

The scariest thing: I ate lipstick when I was 7 years old! My parents found me in the bathroom with half my face covered in lipstick.

Josh Revoir

PHC Teen Camps: I'm really excited to see how the Lord uses this summer to help me grow and uses me to help the campers. I've heard stories from my peers about how amazing this opportunity was for them to grow closer with Christ, and I can't wait to begin this fun and challenging experience.

Hobbies: Hiking, rafting, camping, and other outdoor activities are a huge pastime for me. I'll admit I'm also a bit of a politics nerd, so I'm passionate about writing and mock trial here at PHC too.

The scariest thing: In high school, I backpacked a lot with my dad. Once, my dad, some friends, and I were on a backpacking trip in Yosemite. As part of the trail we were on, we had to traverse these stairs that went down the side of the rock face. They were about two feet wide with nothing but a chain on the mountainside to hang on to. On the other side was a sheer drop-off. That was pretty wild.

Alex Rubstein

Alex.croppedPHC Teen Camps: I'm most looking forward to showing Christ's love to these kids and sharing with them the greatest news they could ever hear. I can't wait to open up the Bible with them and let the sword of the Spirit do its wonderful work.

Hobbies: I absolutely love talking to people one-on-one. I'm always down to grab a meal, coffee, or just to chat.

The scariest thing: The scariest thing I've ever done was perform on my violin for a wedding in Portugal.

Ryan Slemmer

RyanPHC Teen Camps: I attended other summer camps many times during high school and the counselors I had significantly impacted my life. I had a very happy exterior in high school but a very rotten interior, and I would love the chance to help some students from that same age group and give to them what others have given to me.

Hobbies: I am most passionate about music. Few other things have so altered the direction of my life—and playing guitar and singing are two of the greatest gifts God has given to me. I am also a copious journaler and an inconsistent athlete.

The scariest thing: This question reveals to me that I haven’t done very many scary things in my life. I think the scariest thing that has happened to me was when I was probably about 10—my family was fishing in Canada and a bear came running out of the woods and ran through our site, just a few feet away from us. It got to the other tree line and turned around, but my family promptly ran inside our cabin to avoid being eaten 😂

Joel Thurston II

Joel.croppedPHC Teen Camps: I am most looking forward to seeing God work in the campers and I never went to camps in person, so I am looking forward to experiencing camps myself!

Hobbies: I really enjoy ultra-running and hiking because it allows me to experience the beauty of God's creation while exercising.

The scariest thing: The scariest thing I've done is go hiking but my friend and I got lost and ran out of water. Might not sound too bad, but it was 116 degrees outside because we were in the desert :/Learn more about TeenCamps!

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