"In Your Shoes" Performance Coming to PHC

Posted by Cory Grewell on 4/8/19 9:50 AM

Video created by Video created by Julia Tvardovskaya of Georgetown University and originally published on the In Your Shoes website.

In Your Shoes is a project that uses methods from dramatic performance to create and foster intentional dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds across ideological boundaries.

As such, it has taken students from across the American political divide and brought them together to discuss a number of things related to hopes, dreams, first principles of belief, and so forth. Importantly, it has brought these students together face to face in a spirit of dialogue and mutual understanding. 

The goal has never been to hash out who is right and who is wrong, but to listen with empathy and work towards respect. In the process, assumptions have been challenged, deep and lasting friendships have been cultivated, and students have been engaged in both hearing how their words sound when articulated by someone else (who may not agree at all with their worldview) as well as actively imagining and inhabiting the views of someone else. That is to say, they really are getting in each other’s shoes.

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The result has been powerful, as I think the performance will show, but what has gone on behind the scenes in terms of people being able to say they honestly respect—and I daresay love—someone outside their tribe has been incredible and such a needed model for our national dialogue right now. 


Join us for the In Your Shoes performance Wednesday, April 24 at 8:00pm at Patrick Henry College. View more performance details here.



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