Environmental Science & Stewardship Program Launch

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 4/26/19 3:58 PM

environmental Science & Stewardship

Patrick Henry College is pleased to announce the debut of a new academic major program, Environmental Science & Stewardship (ESS). An ESS major will equip students to fulfill their divinely appointed role as stewards of Creation who apply multi-disciplinary solutions to environmental problems.

In the 21st century, environmental scientists must be trained to independently conduct and analyze research, evaluate problems holistically, and draw data from a range of disciplines to develop integrative solutions in an increasingly complex world. They must be able to communicate their findings effectively, bridging the gaps between scientists, industry leaders, policy makers, and the public.

Throughout the major, students will study biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, hydrology, geology, calculus, and more. Tracks in Law & Policy, Science Pedagogy, and Pre-Med are also available for ESS majors.

Dr. Mark Mitchell, Dean of Academic Affairs, explained, "Part of what we do with this new major is learn about various aspects of the created order. Once we learn about the created order, we’re better equipped to intelligently, creatively devise policies, programs, and behaviors that are suited to developing, cultivating, and enhancing the creation with which we’ve been gifted.”

ESS students will train under excellent faculty including Dr. Tracey McGrath and Professor David Lee.

PHC provides strong preparation for the next generation of environmental scientists because of our...

Classical Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, through which students develop interdisciplinary critical thinking skills and communication competency

Biblical Worldview, recognizing the world as God's creation, making possible an ethic shaped by practices of responsibility, wonder, and gratitude

Location, near Washington, D.C. providing students with access to legislators, think thanks, industry, and environmental agencies

Apprenticeships, applying classroom learning in real world settings and field experiences

You can explore the ESS program further by visiting the major page.


Founded in 2000, PHC offers a unique classical Christian liberal arts program that combines high academic rigor, fidelity to the spirit of the American founding, and an unwavering biblical worldview; producing an unmatched record of performance for such a young institution. 

Environmental Science & Stewardship


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