PHC Junior Awarded the National Military Intelligence Foundation Merit Scholarship

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 10/21/21 2:01 PM

NMIF Merit Scholarhsip

Eight recipients from five different educational programs earned the National Military Intelligence Foundation’s 2021 Merit Scholarship this past year. Three came from Johns Hopkins University. Two came from Mercyhurst University in Pennsylvania. Another one came from the American University and a student from the Institute of World Politics also came away with the award.

And the last one was awarded to Emma of Patrick Henry College.

"I first became aware of the NMIF Merit Scholarship opportunity through Professor Binnie, who had sent an email out with the information to Strategic Intelligence students," Emma said.

"Over the summer, I decided to apply for the scholarship as it focuses on intelligence education and the application of intelligence-oriented skills. Colonel Middleton also kindly wrote a letter of recommendation for me. This scholarship has provided me with another means of financial relief, as well as connecting me with the NMIF and other possible scholarship and internship opportunities. I am grateful to Professor Binnie, Colonel Middleton, and of course, NMIF as they all helped make a difference in my intelligence journey."

The annual award, which receives applications from all across the United States, is given to an upperclassman who has displayed remarkable academic excellence, who is studying intelligence, and to someone who intends to pursue a career in national security or military intelligence. It’s an award that goes directly towards tuition, investing in the career of a promising young professional.

According to the mission statement on their website, the National Military Intelligence Foundation is dedicated to supporting a new generation of leaders in the intelligence community:

"The National Military Intelligence Foundation (NMIF) is dedicated to inspiring new generations of intelligence professionals, recognizing the success of current intelligence professionals, and sustaining the intelligence workforce needed to ensure the overall capability of the military intelligence function to support the national security of the United States of America."

To apply for the merit scholarship, students were asked to write an essay of 2,500 words or fewer, explaining the applicant’s interest in intelligence as well as the impact of their studies.

Emma’s participation in the merit program furthers PHC’s standing as a top-tier college—one that provides access and training for the intelligence community like few other colleges do. Patrick Henry College is the only Christian school with certification from the International Association for Intelligence Education, and one of two institutions in the nation that have achieved this status. Her award also sets Emma herself apart as a student who has demonstrated a high level of interest and dedication to a career in intelligence.

Congratulations, Emma! Thank you for representing Patrick Henry College well.


Interested in learning more about why Patrick Henry College is a feeder for top careers in intelligence? Click below to view one of the student publications that helps our graduates enter the field career-ready. 


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